City Bistro No More Views

Wah Wah – City Bistro {brick walloseum}

Back in the day – you used to have 360-degree views from the rooftop bar over at City Bistro.

The first “nail in the coffin of views” was The Sovereign building at 14th & Sinatra blocking the sight of the NYC skyline somewhat. But it was an entire block away.

Then came The Berkshire years later – which further suffocated the view. But it still felt somewhat open all things considered.

Then the final nail came this year – when 1400 Hudson (a Toll Brothers project) completed the view-blockage.

The only “real” view you have is to the south (along with a sliver to the west – but brick buildings is your ultimate sight).

They should just seal the top floor up – and make it indoors. I’m sure the neighborhood would appreciate that as well.

suffocating views at city bistro hoboken NJ - City Bistro No More Views

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Should have taken the cash and relocated to somewhere else with a few million in the bank. City Bistro was cool 15 years ago


Everything is so overpriced in Hoboken, which is why it’s hard to go out anymore. The rooftop used to be nice to see the city but just being outdoors for a drink has lost its charm at bistro. They should have sold when they had the chance. Why couldn’t they have negotiated with Toll brothers to relocate their restaurant and bar into the new building and let them build over than shitty property? Looks stupid now.