So Gong Dong Fresh {new!}

Re-branded: Fresh U becomes So Gong Dong Fresh

Let the genitalia jokes commence! (Like “Let’s get some Gong Dong tonight!” “Yeah, that’s what she said!”) What was once Fresh U down on 70 Hudson Street has re-branded (and “collaborated” – euphemism from “wasn’t working out, needed additional capital and a new image to give ourselves a fighting chance….”) to become So Gong Dong Fresh. Or “SGD Fresh.”

Regardless – sounds tasty. Open (softly) now – with delivery for lazy sloths starting next week.

So Gong Dong Fresh Hoboken NJ 70 Hudson Street NEW - So Gong Dong Fresh {new!}

Forging Fresh Concepts in Food Innovation

Fresh U forges ahead with NEW Fusion concept as others follow

Fresh U, the original innovator of the Fresh food concept in Hoboken has partnered with a dominant Korean restaurant partnership in the Northeast to form the fusion concept So Gong Dong “SGD” Fresh. The move comes after years successful operation and setting the standard in Fresh and Healthy food in Hoboken. Fresh U’s success proved that healthy could also be popular and fun thus creating the way for many other similar to concepts to jump on the bandwagon and follow the Fresh U model of success in Hoboken.

Staying true to form the owners of Fresh U are again setting the standard and staying ahead of the curve in the quick service hospitality industry. Fresh U has combined with So Gong Dong Restaurants to form So Gong Dong “SGD” Fresh, a Korean Fusion concept that will provide in-house, take out and delivery services of Korean classics, American Classics and multitude of fusion offerings. Offerings will be centered around Wraps, Bibimbaps, Rice Bowls, Soon Du bu and Build-Your-Own offerings in a newly renovated space.

The partnership looks forward to the continued growth and original innovation of the concept.

So Gong Dong Fresh will be doing a soft opening September 21 – September 25. The Grand Opening including launch of Delivery Services will be on September 26.

Enjoy Hoboken (and Jersey City)!

So Gong Dong “SGD” Fresh
70 Hudson Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016 7:48 pm

10 years this intersection will be entirely Korean.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 12:38 pm

If Fresh U was so successful they wouldn’t have shut it down

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