3rd & Park – What Next?

3rd & Park – What Next? Any Takers?

The retail space the former Hoboken Dive Center took up at 3rd & Park was still for rent the last time we checked. Wonder what’s taking so long?

Same goes for other curious spots in Hoboken like at 13th & Park as well.

What could be the reasons?

  1. My first guess is that the rent is likely too steep for most prospects. I’d suspect the property owner can only tolerate an empty, non-revenue-producing space for so long before the rent drops.
  2. A funny location? It’s not far from the main action in town, has a park a block away, and is south enough to the PATH to have at least some appeal. But Park cuts off for drivers too, and might play a role?
  3. Limited tenants? Not sure if they can zone this for food or not.

What does this area of town need? Or want?

3rd park still vacant in hoboken NJ - 3rd & Park - What Next?

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