Rock Allegiance 2106 Recap {PHOTOS}

Rock Allegiance 2016 Recap {WITH PHOTOS}

By Jay Rubenstein


A perfect storm rolled in just outside of Philadelphia this past weekend, and I don’t know if it was the Lunar phase of the Harvest moon – but we were beyond glad to be in the middle of it attending the Rock Allegiance 2106 Festival held at Talen Energy Stadium in Chester, PA.

This year’s Rock Allegiance 2016 festival featured more than 35 bands, craft beer, gourmet food, and three stages of Rock N’ Roll. This year’s stellar line-up featured the talent of Anthrax, Alice in Chains, Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, Ghost, Breaking Benjamin, The Offspring, The Cult, Buckcherry, and more to a zealous crowd of over 30,000 fans.

Going to this Rock Allegiance festival is like going on a first date, you kind of know what to expect but you are always anxious and giddy with anticipation. After obtaining my media credentials I took a survey of the land which included one stage outside of the arena where food trucks and other vendors set up, and then headed into the stadium to where the two main stages lay before my eyes.

An ideal set up with a VIP section on part of one stage with access to seat/viewing allowed everyone to have a spectacular view of the weekend events. Stages set side by side allowed spectators to scurry quickly to the next stages performance as well. The nice part about this event was that they had beer vendors walking throughout the crowd so that you didn’t have to have waste time quenching your thirst at the vendors away from the stages.

This warmer than normal Saturday kicked off for me at the outside stage (Liberty Stage) with Skinded as they set the mood for what was going to come. Lead singer Benji Webbe came out waving an American flag, and this is just what was needed – and the crowd reacted appropriately.

Later in the day on the main stage (River Stage) the ever and always entertaining band from Sweden, Avatar performed their set in full regalia with a circus-like atmosphere and some very catchy tunes. I personally like when a band puts on a performance instead of just wearing shorts/normal clothes, it is not only entertaining but makes you remember their performance.

This year also featured Saturday Night Live Alum Jim Breuer as he performed with his band in which he does a little comedy/parody of songs as he entertained the crowd. This was a nice break from the typical sounds as a little humor is always needed! Rounding out the day was a crowd favorite Buckcherry, Breaking Benjamin, Alice in Chains & The ageless band The Cult. Saturday night ended with a trip for a quick bite to eat at Denny’s across from my hotel to which I was greeted by a couple who were just married wearing full formal attire, sitting waiting in the foyer. I thought to myself, “Where am I? And did someone drop something into my drink?” Needless to say, I congratulated them, ate, and headed off for some duly needed rest.

Day TWO – Much anticipation!

After a good night’s rest, Sunday began with the anticipation that the weather might not “cooperate,” but in the end, it held out and Rock N’ Roll Sunday would roll on.

One of my favorite bands to see,hear, and photograph is Crobot. These guys know how to put on a show with good old Rock N’ Roll and have the look and sound to back it up.

Right after Crobot on the main stage, Sevendust performed and set the mood for the night as the crowd woke up and the crowd surfing began. There is something about Sevendust that just gives you a positive powerful energy that is just perfect for a festival like this. Not to be outdone, a band that I have never seen before, Texas-based Hellyeah combined a performance that included kick ass music and a (fake) bloody-faced Chad Gray (lead singer). The crowd was so riled up during/after this performance that you knew the night was going to be one not to forget.

Let me tell you, the security guys at this show were so humble while working their butts off hauling crowd surfers in as the heat and humidity climbed.

Later in the night, Joey Belladonna, Scott, Ian, and the boys of Anthrax provided a performance that is ALWAYS how a Metal show should be conducted.

With killer guitar, thumping bass, and vocals you can relate to – the mosh pit churned and body surfing was the norm. Singer Joey Belladonna was more energetic than normal and ran left and right and concluded with a visit to the pit to be one with his fans. Following Anthrax’s metal show Grammy nominated Ghost performed seamlessly with their “Gothic performance,” and is a band that you MUST see!

Closing out the night was my favorite band of the weekend, Volbeat. Not only can these guys play ridiculously well, but the sound was by far the best out of any band of the weekend. They effortlessly rolled through songs as the night’s sky began to darken. Hardcore rockers Slayer & Avenged Sevenfold closed out the night and if you need to ask how they were, just go see Avenged Sevenfold and get back to me.

After a FULL weekend of Rock N’ Roll, I ended my “first date” with a nice, cold beer as I took a load off of my tired, weary feet and thought to myself that my date went very well & that I will be having a second date in the near future.

Rock Allegiance 2016 Recap Hoboken411 - Rock Allegiance 2106 Recap {PHOTOS}

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