Basketball Courts locked?

Why would basketball courts be locked in Hoboken?

In the middle of the least populated area in Hoboken (under the 14th St. Viaduct) are some “recreational” spaces. A basketball court, a ridiculously ridiculous soccer “thing,” and a dog run. These types of things in the most barren spot should be open for anyone to use at all times.

One Hoboken resident has been curious about why they have such rigid “lockdown” times up there.

“A couple of weeks ago my friend and I went to the basketball courts under the viaduct at 14th St. at 8am on a Sunday only to find the gates locked shut. Why?!!? I am part of a group of guys that plays at 7am every Saturday and Sunday at 4th St., but I got hurt and was just looking for a place to casually shoot around a little.

Then last night, around 8:30pm I went to the uptown courts again. I was pleased to find 10-15 other guys at the court looking to play. Our games were cut short as we were kicked off the court for 10pm lockup. Why?!?! There is no way noise is an issue over there. There is a police camera looking right at the court. Why are they locked??”

My guess is that either the Hoboken Police are too lazy to feel like responding to calls up there, or that after a certain magical hour more vandalism takes place.

Another viable possibility is that the million+ dollar team of outside lawyers the city has on the property taxpayer payroll suggested it for liability reasons.

Who knows.

I’m still a fan of the “use at your own risk” disclaimer signs. For everything. Sidewalks, bikes, and so on.

But a simple life isn’t so simple in a town filled with litigious dopes and social media.

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Friday, September 23, 2016 12:55 pm

As in household decor, there should be signs stating “not for actual use – for photographic purposes only”. The park fountains were off when it was 110 with humidity.

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