The Self-Help Book for Everyone

The Self-Help Book for Everyone – would it work?

The number of publications available these days to “help” people “improve” themselves is mind-boggling. I don’t even care to see how ridiculous it is. And I can presume that a good chunk of them perfectly contradict an equal number – thus neutralizing the effect of said information for the populous (notwithstanding book sales figures…) But could there ever be “The Self-Help Book for Everyone?”

Yes. And I want to write it!

the self help book for everyone - The Self-Help Book for Everyone

(That’s not to say there are NOT good books out there for the intellectually savvy…)

Social Media wants to help – but it DOES NOT!

I am not a doctor (So what? Look at all those so-called “Doctors” have been outed as frauds in decades past… proof that an “accolade” such as a doctorate of medicine means little in 2016…), so that shouldn’t stop me.

bad advice on social media - The Self-Help Book for EveryoneSo? What will make your book great you ask?

I plan to make it “in your face,” and NOT cover bullshit parroted on mainstream media or over-circulated in the social cesspool.

Nor will we get intensively “granular” about any one aspect that could be corrected about the flawed human. Pigeonholing yourself into only ONE aspect of self-improvement is a bad idea. (Like any of those “gurus” who hypnotize suckers on stage, i.e., Tony Robbins, or any other religious-like freaks of the moment…)

What we will strive to do – is take a more holistic approach – and allow people to “connect the dots” on their own. Not a book where you follow instructions one by one with the hopes that you’ll “find nirvana.” But where you’re given information – and if you have a chance at improvement – it will work. That’s right, I’m certain some people are beyond help. It would take terrible things for them to “wake up.”

Malcolm Gladwell and other authors have done similar. But they, too, have something missing.

What will this self-help book cover?

While I’m probably giving some asshole copy-cat great ideas to steal, some chapters would include valuable information about subjects such as:

  • Introspection – why alone time is paramount.
  • “Mirror” – looking within while being steadfastly honest.
  • Simple changes – a few nips and tucks can make a huge difference.
  • The desire to be better – You have to WANT, as the willingness to WORK at it. Otherwise – just give up now.
  • Not material (i.e., money, house, car) – Yes, honest contentment actually supersedes what physical objects you “have.”
  • Living within your means – Understanding your limits, while still having the ability to be happy.
  • Turn off the TV and certain online outlets – mental drugs with nothing but side-effects.
  • Stop comparing – Our culture has become too competitive – with no real winners. (At least “long term…”)
  • Small steps – acknowledge them all. Winning is personal – not a headline to the public or your friends.
  • Your own barometer – not others – To feel self-worth, it’s important to use your own personal gauge. Drop the need for approval from others.
  • Patience – Not everything is “30 days to a rock-hard body!” in this world. Not setting unrealistic expectations is key.
  • Simplify – Our modern world has complicated our lives with our consent. Time to reverse that trend and prune excess noise from your life.
  • Personal responsibility – Most of the time you are to blame for your circumstances.
  • And more…

coddling no personal responsibility - The Self-Help Book for Everyone

The tone of a book is important to us

We’ve read or scanned hundreds of books this year. And a very astonishing trend we’ve noticed is the “coddling” or “politically correct” aspect of many of them. They’re TOO soft.

adult infantile syndrome - The Self-Help Book for EveryoneNo one insults you. They make tons of apologies and “cover their bases” in a way that disturbs me. I’m not comfortable with this new mental mindset many authors take.

It’s counter-productive.

In order to truly help an individual – you need to do what they did “back in the day.” That is – slap them upside the head. They’re fucking morons!

The last few generations approaching (or within) adulthood need some serious manpower. Strength. Conviction. Passion.

Too many people today “tip toe” around serious matters.

While there are still sources to be found that have that powerful and honest message – it’s profoundly less than just a decade ago. People have become “pussified” for whatever reason (fear of losing audience, getting lambasted on social media, etc…)

Time to take that shit back, fuckers!

Honestly – none of you need a self-help book

The more I think this through (I’m seriously pondering penning what I described), the more I wonder if there is a better way. Not for me to make a profit – but to “wake up” the mentally-enslaved morons of our current “modern” society.

I am not sick I dont need help - The Self-Help Book for EveryoneOr conversely – if this will just become a fact of life. Despite your opposition.

I like to think that almost everyone – when put into a troubling situation (poverty, obesity, etc.) – will act fairly sensible when it comes to solutions.

That everyone would “power through” their rough patches to find prosperity somehow on the “other side.”

And maybe that is the alternative to my prescribed “self-help” book. That people need to hit rock bottom and let human instinct take charge. It has been the formula for “change” for eternity. When you look in that proverbial mirror and say “Okay, today is the day…”

But that was the case 100 years ago. Where many aphorisms were born “dust off and start again,” and the like. If everyone was as resourceful as people used to be – you’d never be able to sell a SINGLE self-help book!

What about today? Where there are several generations EXPECTING hand-outs from someone else? How can we right this ship?

I’m still going to write my book. I don’t care if some a-hole will steal it. I’m still going to get the satisfaction of completing a good book. Even if I just share it with family.

Heck, with 20,000+ posts written on Hoboken411 over the past decade – I guess that makes me an accomplished “publisher” already.

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