Austin Powers 4 movie {when?}

We need an Austin Powers 4!

People really are retarded. At least some of them are. We recently re-watched the Austin Powers Trilogy – and it’s still funny in 2016 as it’s ever been. Yet brain-dead millennials on the interwebs are calling the whole thing “dated,” and that Austin Powers 4 should never be made.

We beg to differ.

Mike Myers is (and will always be) a comic genius. Even though “audiences” have changed – it does not disqualify him as a talented writer, actor, or comedian.

Some people actually think the audience that made Austin Powers successful – are “long gone.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

And it would be terribly sad for anyone who can’t find the comedy in those movies.

Anyway, some speculation about what would be Austin Powers 4 would be either a “prequel” to the series and would focus on Dr. Evil (who was in our opinion, the funniest character of them all).

Either way – I can only wonder why it’s been nearly 15 years since an Austin Powers movie. Did Myers do something to become on the “outs” in Hollywood? Wouldn’t surprise me the way that industry works.

austin powers 4

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