The “Six One” Plan {for health}

The “Six One” Plan will accelerate your weight loss

Score or “rate” yourself now that the summer is over. Were you in the best shape of your life? Great! Have some progress you still need to make? No Problem! The “Six One” Plan I’ve developed for myself will help you both.

This “Six One” Plan I’ve devised is specifically in regards to alcohol consumption and your weight.


We’ve been low carb now for about five years.

drinking alcohol makes it harder to lose weight - The "Six One" Plan {for health}In the beginning – we were very strict with our alcohol consumption. Hardly any in fact. And coupled with a VERY low carbohydrate intake, that helped us lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. 20% of our body weight in the first two or so months – and another 10% over the next six months. Success!

We gradually increased our alcohol use (almost back to what it was prior – things like Hurricane Sandy stress didn’t help). However, the weight didn’t return. At least not right away. Over the course of about four years, about a 10% uptick led to more experimentation.

[Note the following should not be considered medical advice. These are personal experiences and anecdotes. Your results, metabolism, DNA blessings or curses will vary. Everything you do is at your own risk – even if your so-called “Doctor” tells you so. They have big insurance policies for a reason. And their advice would probably kill you faster than ours.]

Alcohol doesn’t necessarily hurt – but it doesn’t help

The key to maintaining a good weight (for us) was to be in – or as close to being in – “Nutritional Ketosis.” By limiting blood sugar spikes, our body rarely craved food, and we were able to use stored body fat for energy. That’s how we understand it at least.

And our experience has shown that if you’re good (I mean REALLY good) at being in a state of ketosis – having a night of drinks doesn’t affect you much more than the inability to burn stored body fat while you sleep that night. By the next day, you should be back on track again.

(This presumes you didn’t “carb out” on pizza and other garbage food.)

However, over time, you may find yourself “cheating” a bit more as your confidence at maintaining a healthy weight tricks you. Your clothes still fit. You haven’t stepped on the scale in months (or even a year or two). Someone in your life may become “Gluten Free,” with a plethora of interesting snacks within easy reach.

But then it happens. Your favorite jeans are now not as comfortable. “Did I wash it too hot? Probably.” Next wash is cold water, and they’re still not like they used to be. Then you step on the scale – look in the mirror – and realize an old friend is trying to creep back into your life.

The “cheats,” (as little as they may have been) along with say, a bottle of wine every other day – can lead to a slow, but steady increase (half a pound a month over three years eventually catches up with you – to the tune of 15-18 pounds!)

Experiment #1: The “Five Two” Plan

I knew I had to go back to basics in regards to alcohol. I figured at least a decent stretch between enjoying my vino was in order.

So I devised the “Five Two” Plan. Five days in a row without drinking – and then I can have some red wine for a couple days in a row. Thinking I’d only have some cocktails on Friday and Saturday nights – and be “dry” the rest of the week – to allow for my Ketosis to work its magic.

I tried that for a couple months – with next to NO results. And I was pretty good with watching the cheats too. I didn’t gain, but could not lose those pesky squatters.

There were a few problems with this plan. The “Five” was not so hard to achieve. It was preventing the “Two” from leading to three, four, or more. That messed things up a few times.

I had to fine tune the schematics of the plan…

Experiment #2: The “Six One” plan

limiting alcohol consumption to lose weight - The "Six One" Plan {for health}The “Five Two” plan was too generous. Maybe if I didn’t fuck up, it may have demonstrated some positive results. But I think by letting your guard down for more than one single night was just too easy to lose grip on the bigger picture.

So the “Six One” plan was put into action next.

Now you may think that means “Oh, you’ll drink one day a week, right? Like every Friday?”

Sure – that would be compliant with the “Six One” plan. At the bare minimum.

But the key requirement (complication) I’ve imposed on my plan is to be strict.

If I have a bottle of wine on a Friday night – the next SOONEST time I can enjoy some of that joyous nectar would be the following Friday. But what if I have arrangements (i.e., wedding) for the following Saturday? That means you’d have to wait one additional night in order to partake in the festivities. But at the same time – that also means the next time you can drink would be the next Saturday night after that.

It causes you to plan ahead. And often go several weeks without a drink if you “play by the rules.” You have to be in the frame of mind that cheating is just cheating yourself.

If I’m sipping my favorite Malbec one Friday, and a friend wants to meet out in the city two Thursdays from then – well – you’ll have to go 12 days in a row without having a drink in order to make it happen. And I’ve made it happen.

Results of “Six One” so far: It’s working!

The extra day of abstinence – along with the strict “ONE DAY” allowance – has re-strengthened my once weakened temptations to pour that glass of wine that I really didn’t need.

Instead of allowing the “on days” to turn into more, I’ve turned the table and forced the “off days” to turn into more.

And it has also allowed the pounds to steadily fall off once again. I can imagine within just another month or so we’ll be back in the prime zone again.

Luckily experience with Low Carb and Ketosis is making it easy to quickly reverse the very slow sneak attack that took place.

But alcohol is a strange substance that really fucks with your mind and body. In very clandestine ways.

The ultimate goal would be to eliminate it entirely.

Not only would it save a tremendous amount of money – and there would be fewer thorns in our “garden of life.”

Is striking alcohol out completely a bad idea? Or is it just a delusional goal that should be reserved for people with nearly life-threatening conditions?

Are there simple hacks that others have used to make quick, permanent changes in their life?

Such as “Today, I’ve decided I’m not going to do _______ anymore.”

Can one so easily trick themselves out of the psychological and physical enjoyment of God’s juice?

The six one plan for weight loss and health - The "Six One" Plan {for health}

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