Free Wendy’s today!


You may have just woken up, and are in no mood for greasy “fast food,” but if you’re in the area of Exchange Place in Jersey City between 10am-2pm today (or work in the ‘hood), you oughta get some free food today!

But my question is: Is Hoboken chopped liver?


Wendy’s Gives Back

Wendy’s Mobile Kitchen “Great Taste Tour” Rolls Into Jersey City

  • WHAT: On Friday, June 27th, Wendy’s traveling kitchen is rolling into Jersey City and giving away 1,000 1/4 lb. Singles and 2,000 Wendy’s gift cards. A mobile Wendy’s kitchen, lively music, and prizes will set the scene for a fun, spontaneous free community picnic in Jersey City. Entertainment will be provided by Wendy’s Burger Emcee.
  • WHERE: Exchange Place Plaza, One Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ
  • WHEN: Friday, June 27th from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

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is hoboken chopped liver? well, yeah. actually it made a hell of a lot more sense for them to set up there in Exchange place as they are surrounded by office buildings and have a lot more space to run this promo than coming into hoboken and setting up at the Path station. I already got my free hamburger, frosty and also scored 2 $5 gift cards! Wendys rocks!