At your own risk society

What’s wrong with an “At your own risk society?”

Everywhere I look – there is so much talk about “safety.”

And who has their hands in the pocket of this movement? The government.

They invent (decree) these rules (i.e., “laws” that most often come attached with stiff financial penalties to those who usually unknowingly violate).

Then they run safety programs, educational sessions (i.e., indoctrination seminars), and mailers – all at the property taxpayer expense.

The big question is – who the hell are they and why do we need their God damn help?

you are here at your own risk - At your own risk society

Stay out of our way!

For one – all this so-called “safety” that is peddled incessantly costs money. In perpetuity. Street paint for bike lanes. Cones. Signs. Blinking lights. Barriers. And probably bubble-wrap sidewalks are up next.

Sure – you can “argue” that it does indeed make things “safer.”

On paper. Via press release. But not in reality.

Those safety zones are not SAFE ZONES. They’re “perceived safe zones.”

And you know what the byproduct of that is? Lack of vigilance for an individual’s OWN safety.

They falsely believe they’re in some kind of “protected zone.” Safe from harm.

And what happens over time – as people may indeed go long stretches without getting hurt or having any “close calls,” that they become complacent, lazy and nonproficient in self-awareness and self-defense. They drop their guard…

In other words – stupid fucks who willingly allowed a government entity to strip them of valuable life skills.

play at your own risk sign - At your own risk society

Make urban cities great again

As we wrote a few weeks ago – about “Why are big cities liberal,” one of the top side-effects of a dependent society – is that you get large swaths of people who are, for the most part, functionally useless.

They might be “book smart” (or even worse – polymathically “Google smart,” or “Wiki-brilliant,” but they are generally pansies and crybabies the minute one thing doesn’t go according to plan.)

No one is tough anymore.

They bitch, complain, and whine to anyone within earshot that they have some kind of problem with their environs. Instead of making themselves better.

This trend has to be reversed.

Make all cities “at your own risk.”

We’ve said this before. Instead of blathering about “bike friendly streets,” cities should stop coddling the inept.

The only signage necessary is:

“Walk, Cycle, Drive or Skate – AT YOUR OWN FUCKING RISK.”

A one-time mailer and public announcement can go out explaining this briefly.

“You are your own person. And should be expected to have common sense, self-preservation, and observational skills. This government will not use hard-working property-tax dollars to protect those lacking such skills. And if you are not aware whether you possess those skills or not – is not our problem. We’ve installed plain English signs around town that clearly indicate that any movement you voluntarily make – is AT YOUR OWN RISK.

So in other words – if you lack those skills – and get hurt, it is nobody’s fault but yours.

Have a nice day, and good luck with the rest of your life.”

Maybe I’m dreaming – but that would be a refreshing change to this society filled with weak bastards.

at your own risk society - At your own risk society

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The hypocrisy is that the Admin that places the signs are the same ones that carry out development that is nixed for Federal or state support by safety experts. Merely a tool for attempting to solidify the admin trumped stand on immunity.


These signs are amulets, hung by the property owners, and are intended as protection from trial lawyers and their “I’m feeling lucky” clients.

Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Couldn’t agree more. Today’s kids are incredibly soft. I miss the days when kids didn’t have to wear seatbelts and they were ejected through the windshield at high speed during fender benders. That toughened them up! In my day, we didn’t have bike lanes. If a hippy got in the way of my Model T I ran them off the road!

Let me break it down for you. Every generation thinks the young generation is soft. It’s because technology is making life better and safer.


This guy is also for last-place participation trophies and triggering therapy.