Organic Pizza in Hoboken

Organic Pizza in Hoboken – Why not?

organic-pizza-in-hoboken-why-notWe have had mixed opinions over the years on the whole organic movement. One of our main points against (specifically in regards to “packaged goods,”) is that other than some words and logos – you have no true way of knowing (chemically) what is inside. You have “blind faith.” Maybe the word “organic” itself is enough to make people believe (and pay 3x more) for this magical food (which still has pesticides!) Also – because of the “fanatical” ways people get about organic food products. Borderline cultish. But do you ever wonder why it’s impossible to find FRESH organic pizza anywhere?

Why hasn’t that “movement” made progress into the pizza world?

Definitely say “no” to GMO!

One thing we’re not big fans of is Genetically-Modified food – GMO’s.

While proponents say that GMO is necessary to “feed the world,” we feel otherwise – and think it’s to make the BigAg companies (and their shareholders) richer and richer.

GMO wheat. GMO corn. Add in chemically processed (and sugar-laden) sauces, rBGH / rBST filled cheeses, and more – and pizza itself may be one of the unhealthiest things you can eat (and that’s beyond the blood-sugar curdling spike you’ll get by eating one single slice!)

Organic + Ancient Grains = Nowhere to be found

organic-pizza-dough-hoboken-njSome internet searching in the area shows VERY FEW “organic” pizza places. Try it yourself and see.

Many area pizza places DO offer “Gluten Free” pizzas – but they are GOD AWFUL. You’re better off eating a styrofoam coffee cup slathered with ketchup.

We did find one company that makes both Gluten-Free / as well as ancient grains and sprouted grains pizzas. A company called Better4U Foods. I recall seeing one item at our local Shoprite, but I haven’t checked recently.

You can also have some luck at Whole Foods – but the pickin’s are slim. Amy’s also sells (mostly) organic pizza.

But still, it’s frozen food. There has to be a better way!

Why Ancient Grains you ask?

My research (as well as my own experimentation) leads me to believe that ancient grains (including wheat) are almost in an entirely different league than modern-day “maximum output” GMO grains that large agricultural companies use to increase profitability. Simpler structure. Easy to digest. Minimal Glycemic impact.

I also believe that the so-called “modern” grains are the main culprit in anything related to “gluten intolerance.”

But as Erin Elizabeth says “Not Gluten Intolerance – but POISON Intolerance.” (Read that link – interesting article.)

Ancient Grains are the real deal!

We visited a rustic bakery / farm in western New Jersey this past summer – and tried some of their ancient grains bread.

Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse in Milford, NJ.

We discovered them when we bought our Holland Grill from the same town.

As someone who is more in-tune with their body than ever before – I can tell you that ANY time I’ve eaten wheat (especially hero rolls, and other soft, white-flour based carbs), pain and inflammation would result. Why for decades of my life prior to going low-carb could I not figure that out astonishes me.

I always thought I over-ate. Not the case.

Nowadays – even if I “cheat” just a little bit – my body can feel it. (For instance, we were at an event last weekend – and I had – literally ONE bite of a whole-grain roll – and was suffering for a couple hours after). Wheat is not your friend (Read Wheat Belly to find out more.)

But the ancient grains bread we got from Bobolink was an entirely different story. While I only had one piece at a time – and not often – we did not suffer whatsoever. You didn’t become inflamed. My blood sugar was not impacted. Those (real) ancient grains are the real deal. Sort of the way NATURE intended these foods to be.

Not saying people should stuff loaves of bread down their gullets – but it does allow you a taste of what you’ve stripped from your life for health reasons.

What is preventing Organic Pizza in Hoboken?

Going out on a limb here – because I don’t know why truly organic (and ancient grain) pizza is non-existent for the most part. But I have some ideas. Feel free chime in if I’m off-base.

  • Cost. To get (or make) organic and ancient grain pizza dough must be through the roof. I’m guessing at least triple the cost – maybe more. If ALL ingredients were organic (cheese, sauce, toppings), I can imagine a “deluxe” pizza costing upwards of $50. Not a smart business model.
  • Control. The pizza-distributors a likely a mafia-like operation. Resistant to change. They’ll be last to embrace any new-fangled “new age” paradigm shift. Maybe that is why 99.9% of pizza places essentially use the same type of ingredients.
  • Taste. I’ve honestly never had FRESH organic pizza. Maybe that’s because someone already went down that road – and realized it truly tastes like shit. Perhaps “pizza as everyone knows” MUST be filled with garbage ingredients to get that special taste. Contrarily – maybe it tastes INCREDIBLE! And the thought of $50 pizzas that taste amazing is a double-edged sword. The 0.1% can’t fund all of the nations pizza parlors, that’s for sure.
  • Texture. The same with taste, it’s possible that by using real ingredients – “pizza” just isn’t pizza anymore. Doesn’t hold up, falls apart, frustrates everyone.

Who knows. Maybe I’m late to this game – and it’s all been figured out already. But based on my observations – I doubt that. Pizza may the “final frontier” for the healthy revolution to conquer.

(PS – if anyone knows of a TRUE ancient grains / organic pizza place that they can vouch for – please email us with the details!)


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