High-rise condos serve a purpose!


Silver linings in Hoboken

As much as some people think I’m a perpetual “nay-sayer,” I have to disagree. I have plenty of love and continually try to find the positives in this world. I can see the silver lining in each and every dark cloud that comes my way.

For example, yes, the Maxwell Place condos do block the city view for many residents that used to enjoy the stunning view of the best skyline in the world. But guess what? I found a redeeming factor!

A gorgeous “artificial” sunset!

I was over at the Elysian dog run the other day, and felt a brisk breeze and the warm glow of a summer sunset. Where was it coming from? The building under construction, of course!

Naturally, this will be short-lived once the next phase of construction begins, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!


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Taste is a very subjective thing… Though I might not object to the blonde on Madison Street.

As for how MP relates to the river… Almost no buildings in Hoboken provide any access to the next street over. Brownstones effectively seal off one block from the next. MP is no worse in this regard than Hudson, Washington, Garden, Bloomfeild, Park, Willow, etc.

MP is not an I.M. Pei design. It is not a Frank Gehry masterpiece. It’s a compromise design. It tries to fit in with a brick brownstone neighborhood while offering modern luxury condos.

As far as compromises go, it’s a lot better than the platypus.



I miss the ivy wall on 11th and the view of the river from Elysian Park.

I think MP is kind of soul less looking, maybe beacuse it’s new. I think it’s because although it relates nice to the river for the MP residents I don’t think it relates well to its neighbors to the west. Maybe in time.


Although I must say, I think it used to be neat to see the huge beer vats through the windows there for a while when the brewery was around.


[quote comment=”90395″]As a resident of Hudson Street, I prefer the current view I have of Maxwell Place over my former view of an abandoned factory.[/quote]



As a resident of Jefferson Street, I prefer the view of the hot blond from the building on Madison Street. 😈