Individuals are rarely benefactors

Individuals are rarely benefactors {why?}

This post is going to be a bit too hard from some people. It requires a little out of the box thinking. “Big picture,” so to say. But whenever you think of some kind of “change” in society – do you see how individuals are rarely benefactors of that so-called “change?”

Sure – on the surface – an individual might say something like “Wow, they lowered the sales tax one percent! Hooray for me!” But they never question that stupid tax to begin with.

And what do I mean by “individual?”

individuals in a sheep world - Individuals are rarely benefactors

An individual, in my mind, is your ordinary working man or woman who just wants to have a good life. They’re not part of some kind of political structure (government, union, lobbying group, etc.) They just want to earn a decent living and be left alone. Most people in this country fall into that description (generally speaking).

However, some of those very same “sovereign individuals” have unknowingly been co-opted by the powerful systems in place.

You know, they ones that fight tooth and nail for a particular “cause.” I put “cause” in quotes because they have no fucking idea what it really means.

  • Global warming.
  • Democrats or Republicans.
  • Any other manufactured “debate” among the populous (like “_____ Lives Matter.”)

Those very same individuals are essentially acting as free soldiers to a bigger cause they have no God damn idea who controls the movement behind the curtains. They just bought into it, for whatever reason(s).

And to be fair – the same can be said for other movements – like the pro-oil, pro-gun, pro-Christian, etc. Even if those views lean to one side or another – a MAJOR group (with serious financial interests) has a stronghold on it.

In other words – regardless of where you stand – there is a bigger group recruiting team members to fight for them.

I say – leave me out of it.

Enough with the influencing groups!

While we still have what would be labeled as “conservative” views to some (or even Libertarian at times), I don’t want anything to do with ANY of those major “groups” that may find themselves apparently aligned with my thoughts.

Like the NRA, the Republican party, energy companies, and so on.

I want to choose where I stand without any major group influencing me.

And that’s usually with like-minded neighbors and people who value true, unabated freedom – and who respect the two rules of common law. (We’ve repeated this countless times):
– Do as you’ve agreed to do.
– Do not violate another person’s property or space.

Back to the benefactor situation…

They play you like a fiddle

individual liberty state power - Individuals are rarely benefactors

Not even close.

Here are a few bullet points to consider…
  • Think about every major holiday we have in America. Who are the benefactors? (hints: religious institutions, unions, commerce, the government, minorities). There are maybe one or two holidays that don’t have a connection. New Year’s Day (and maybe Thanksgiving – but I have my doubts).
  • Like I said above – when a “law” is “changed,” (like the speed limit, tax rate, or driving age), why do people have any reaction at all? They are still controls (that an armed mob) can apprehend or cage you for. The fact that people “cheer” the “loosening” of what is still essentially a “noose” around your neck doesn’t change much.
  • “JOBS!” You know how some states (and including Hoboken) offer big corporate incentives to bring big businesses to their neck of the woods? Then the subsequent press releases focus almost solely on “jobs” added to the economy? People cheer! Well – when was the last time YOU got any kind of substantial 30-year abatement? NEVER. And who benefits from those? The companies that come in – as well as the local governments that now have more “funny money” to play with. About the only benefactors I can see by bringing in jobs are local shops (which is good, I will admit), but it’s very slanted to one side. Just because there is (a slight) benefit doesn’t mean it’s a good decision overall.

Another interesting example of this concept is the recent NJ Transit Train Crash in Hoboken. Made “news” for weeks. Yet, across the state of NJ, more people are hurt and killed driving on a daily basis.

Anyway, food for thought today!

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