Useful Idiots {Global Warming}

Fierce debate and anger {over global warming}

Repeating (parroting) the narrative spewed day after day on the MSM – “rising seas” or “ozone” or “man made” or any of the dozens of “buzzwords.”

Then you go to a bullshit site like – where they still seem to allow a real debate (not a curated one) take place.

The parity and polarization of the commenters is fascinating. You can easily pick out the ones who smell something is wrong with the narrative – and those who took the bait and are now hard-core (beyond fanatical) cheerleaders or fanboys of the global warming scam.

global warming scam - Useful Idiots {Global Warming}

(The big euphemism for “Global Warming” these days is “Globull Warming.” A charade meant to distract the public and enrich a select few opportunists and politicians.)

It’s so sick how people forgot to use real science, real observations, and so on, to make conclusions. Or at least say they don’t have enough information to make wild claims about the future.

I mean they say “rising sea levels – yet I have not seen any coastlines decimated to the point of being uninhabitable. All the charts and studies vary to a wide degree. People pick the ones that support their claims the most and discard the rest. No debate – “the science is settled.”

Sure, some ultra “risky” Real Estate endeavors might have met their fate in some places. But that happens all the time. Not because some big, bad, scary, “tidal wave” of doom and destruction is on the way.

And EVEN IF IT WAS “on the way,” it would have absolutely NOTHING to do with us meager humans – and more likely to do with THE SUN and its relationship with the Earth.

But you won’t find that in any mainstream publication. Nah. Too hard to grasp in a 10-second soundbite peppered with scare tactics.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” – Joseph Goebbels

climatard - Useful Idiots {Global Warming}

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