BFD about “emissions” – {Hypocritical they are?}

You ever think about these “environmentalists” and the so-called “emissions” they bitch about non-stop? Or how GREAT companies that made GREAT cars get smothered into submission?

Jet planes. Does anyone know the actual amount of emissions an average airplane emits on coast to coast flight? Or what the equivalent number of average cars would need to run to match that?

What about “bullet-proof” vehicles high-profile politicians use? They probably get 4 miles to the gallon. Because it’s heavy and extremely armored. Why can’t we all be bullet-proof? Because it would hurt the environment?

And the factories and manufacturing plants. Not just in the USA where “fatwas” exist – but in other countries that don’t give a shit? While we give up our competitive advantage because we are “handicapped” other countries pounce on our weaknesses.

Does our military need to adhere to “EPA” guidelines? Why not?

In the end, this bullshit cause called “protecting the environment” doesn’t mean crap. Except for those that financially benefit.

We already know that humans really cannot alter the climate (you’d think that after over 2,000 nuclear explosions we’d be boiling at this point already).

So why all the hysteria?

Because we live in a society of lemmings and dopes. They only care about their own personal status by driving a Prius or riding those retarded bicycles.

‘Nuff said.


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