Starbucks Double Skinny Mousepresso

Starbucks Double Skinny Mousepresso

Hey, we all understand that living in a half-under-sea-level swamp like Hoboken – pests will ALWAYS and FOREVER be an issue.

I’d bet that most of you would be shocked out of your panties if you had the ability to be a “fly on the wall” in every single commercial kitchen in Hoboken.


Rats, roaches, ants, mice, and much much more.

They all have them beyond your wildest dreams. Some worse than others of course, but I highly doubt ANY food business is 100% free of pests. How vigilant they each are – is up to you to find out.

You’d think a multi-billion dollar conglomerate like Starbucks would be on the low-end because of their sickening wealth.

But that’s not what one Hoboken resident felt this week over at the Starbucks on Washington Street.

Not only was there an old-fashioned “mouse trap” underneath one of the pieces of furniture – it had a dead (broken spine) mouse sitting there for everyone to “enjoy” as the tweeted or yelped about their experience in a coffee shop where they don’t speak to anyone or make human eye contact.

Par for the course.

At least the mouse didn’t steal a sip of your soy-milk latte.


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Wow…clearly you all haven’t been to the Southwest…#p*ssies