Watching from afar… {are you ready?}

Watching from afar… {do not think it can’t happen?}

As we continue observing the world ourselves – and all the things important – as well as the superficial that blinds humanity from reality (i.e., Pokemon, technology, celebrity, and more) – we serendipitously find many others that are “in tune” with the wavelength we’re on.

The American society today is fascinating. Not too many people think about history much. How entire societies and nations got thrown for a loop (economically) or entirely destroyed (via war). The number of people who just assume it will never happen here (or in their lifetimes) is staggering. Not many at least giving it some thought (and making some preparations just in case).

Remember – the majority of the “system” (political, financial, big business, etc.) is heavily populated with psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissistic egomaniacs – that we deem it entirely unsustainable. In other words – the “host” they inadvertently destroy will begin the chain of dominoes.

One such post we discovered recently was penned by a relatively new blogger we’ve had the pleasure of reading – Adam Piggott (who travels the world and has been online for the past year).

watching from afar - Watching from afar... {are you ready?}

Watching from afar

by Adam Piggott

“Several readers recently softly disagreed with me along the lines that the US won’t break up because people are passive and won’t endanger themselves unnecessarily. They’re correct if they look at the US as it operates today. But people will start to do all sorts of desperate and crazy shit if they haven’t got enough to eat.

You only have to look at what is happening in Venezuela right now to understand that. It’s how the French revolution began as well. “Let them eat cake.” Remember that beauty? As one commentator pointed out, California is not self- sufficient and not by a long way. In other words, it won’t take long for crisis circumstances to cause things there to go bad in a very quick way.

You can make fun of preppers and survivalist nuts, but if I were living somewhere like California right now I’d be looking to get to a different state with a good supply of fresh water in a rural location. Big cities will be ugly too.

A breakdown doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time but the relative time will be short. It’s hard to imagine the Balkanization of the US as it stands today, and as it stands today it is not possible. But I’m not talking about today. I’m talking about tomorrow. Try to imagine how the US will look in five years’ time. It’s not hard – just look at recent history for any number of nations. Or as I’ve already mentioned, look at Venezuela right now.

The strong police and military were also mentioned. Protective services have families too. And they also need to eat. And they will also run out of ammo. The Venezuelan police are now cooperating with street gangs to slice up the turf. They’re not going to just sit back and be victims in the breakdown process. My point is that humans will always follow behaviors along the lines of survival and then greed.

Every self-immolation of a nation is unique but they are all alike in their awfulness. I am but a distant observer, witnessing and commenting from afar. If I were in the thick of it perhaps I might not be so glib. It is ironic that I use the term Balkanization seeing as it was the US who picked the wrong side in that internal conflict and made a mess of things. Just be happy that there is little chance of that happening to you guys. The world is just going to sit back and watch in awe.

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