Beef Jerky 2016

What’s new in the beef jerky world in 2016?

We recently bought a pack of “Perky Jerky” Beef Jerky from the supermarket. One day when I was peckish – I grabbed it and snacked away. Mission accomplished.


Then I noticed on the back of the bag, it said it’s the “Best Jerky in the World, Guaranteed!” Huh? It was pretty good, but I’ve certainly had better.

So I got in touch with them, and lo behold – they sent me four free packages (two beef, two turkey) for not agreeing with their claim.

The Perky Jerky is definitely one of the more tender jerky brands out there. The turkey is freakishly tender and almost weird to eat (too much tenderness?) I guess tastes vary, but we decided to mention some other brands we do like better.

Field Trip & Lorissa’s Kitchen

Field Trip Beef Jerky and Lorissa’s Kitchen Beef Jerky are relative newcomers to the market. Slick packaging and all the right buzz words. But how do they stack up?


We like them both (better than Perky Jerky) – but for different reasons. But one thing for sure – how tender a beef jerky is, does not always mean the best.

The best combo – just tender enough, a little “chew” and toughness, and just the right flavor.

The Field Trip Sweet & Spicy Beef is our favorite from that brand. Just the right amount of kick and most certainly had no “artificial” taste.

Lorissa’s Kitchen was a bit more tender than Field Trip, but still had a substantial chew. The Szechuan Peppercorn taste was more “pepper” than “Szechuan,” but no complaints.

Honorable mention: Duke’s

Your low-carb, meaty, protein-filled snacks don’t have to be limited to “beef jerky” alone. We also recently found (and enjoyed) the Duke’s brand of smoked sausages.

Excellent flavor and easy on the teeth two. Having these on hand is a great option for a healthy snack.


Find all-natural jerky (or make it yourself!)

The minor preferences aside – there is one common denominator that you should be aware of. Avoid the brands that use MSG!

And the quality of the meats is important as well. Look out for processed meats in favor of all-natural pure cuts of meat instead.

If you have patience and want to roll your sleeves up a bit – consider buying a food dehydrator. You can then be the ultimate control freak from start to finish – including what kind of meat, and what spices are in the food you eat.

For well under $100, you’d make your money back quickly compared to buying it packaged.


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