Hurricane Hermine

Hurricane Hermine (effects on New Jersey?)

We’ve been watching what became Hurricane Hermine for a couple weeks. This very slow moving “system” turned into a weak hurricane yesterday. It hit the coast of Florida around 11pm last night.

hurricane hermine hoboken nj stormy weather aheadWhile we’ve been known to track weather events in the past (see Hurricane IreneHurricane Sandy), we chose not to mention this one until we had a better idea of what it might mean to people “in the viewing area…” As you might very well know – “hype” in 2016 is at an all time high, so it takes a strong person to resist. And that’s what we did until now.

Because, you know, weather forecasting is akin to coin-flipping these days.

However – as of early this morning – various “computer models” have indicated that this storm system may possibly “linger” off the NJ coast for several days. Possibly even lurching closer to our shores. Those are current (robotic) thoughts. Those may easily change quickly. There is a distinct chance this thing will just “curve off” and have zero impact.

But there are some risks to consider:

One, if it does pan out as currently believed, this is bad for coastal erosion. And two – if it does inch back towards us – it could mean an extended period of “disruptive” weather. Certainly not catastrophic – but something to jot down and keep an eye out for (no “hurricane pun” intended…)

That’s all.

Watch the Hoboken Tides along with local radar to help determine if things might get dicey (especially for your car is parked in one of the many shitty low-lying areas of town.)

How many dopes will drown this weekend?

(Oh – and PS – a morbid friend of mine asked if I wanted to wager on the “over/under for drowning deaths from dumbasses who decided to swim in the ocean off the NJ shore” this Labor Day weekend [Friday 12:01am through Monday 11:59pm.] He suggested “10” as the number of boneheads that would try it and fail.

I took the under ($20 bet) – because I have faith that most people won’t be so stupid.

However, I may be in possession of a losing bet seeing all the idiocy with Pokemon Go….)

Hurricane Hermine Hoboken NJ 2016

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Reply to  hoboken411
Saturday, September 3, 2016 8:33 am

Yeah and that’s what Google Maps / traffic will look like when your 10 million closest friends all decide to bug out at the same time.

Reply to  hoboken411
Saturday, September 10, 2016 5:38 pm

Where will the Zimmerites going to be evacuating on their bikes?

Friday, September 2, 2016 8:04 am

Leaving in a few hours for beautiful South Beach, not our problem!

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