Social Media = Common Core

That’s it! Social Media = Common Core!

The “internet” was a daunting experience at one point. Millions of different viewpoints. But they had their place. And individual “property managers.” Today? Social Media = Common Core education in my opinion.

Oh, and in case you are one of the few that haven’t heard about the travesty called “common core…” Just look here.

The worst thing in history.

And most parents allowed it to enter their children’s lives. Same can be said for their willing participation is so-called social media, unfortunately.

social media common core - Social Media = Common Core

The internet is still free (for now)

Sure – we can say the internet is still a “free speech zone,” right?

Even with Google censoring Hillary Clinton search strings, we still have the ability to find other search mechanisms (like Duck Duck Go, Start Page, and others).

But social media is the worst. Like Common Core education. They CHOOSE what is shown on that damn stupid timeline of yours. If anything is off-course from “status quo,” you will have a shitty chance of spreading your message to a wider audience.

If your message aligns with theirs (i.e., eco crap, sustainability, charity, refugees) well – you have an unobstructed path to “prosperity.”

And maybe doom too if you think about it for more than one second…

Incessant following creates mind-numbing overload

following lemmings - Social Media = Common CoreThe great thing about voluntarily visiting sites or subscribing to them via RSS (still the best way to “curate” internet info), is that you can do them on your own timeline – and you see ALL the information. Not just “selected” ones.

If you’ve had your eyes open for the past couple years, you know that on your social media “timeline,” you do not see every single post from every single person you follow. It’s throttled to some degree. And what they choose to push through and what gets suppressed they’ll never admit to the mechanisms for the “man behind the curtain” (sexist statement trigger warning.)

Plus – a stupid timeline of individual entries is horrific when it comes to information management. No ability to sort. You can’t collapse entries to a single line and updates by the minute. All of this FORCES you to swipe or scroll INCESSANTLY until your eyes fucking bleed. All day long, day after day. Sick indeed.

The addiction to “more” and “following”

Although we have social media accounts – we don’t “use” them the way a traditional user does.

However, we still get daily (or more often) emails suggesting that we follow this person or follow that person.

Why don’t people realize that all that following just fucks with your brain? And why the need to remind me about all that utter garbage that also takes place daily on social media?

“So what?” is my response – and delete is my action.

I believe I’ve said this in the past. The sad truth about social media is that instead of real conversations (where people listen, think, ponder – even keep on their minds for days after) is non-existent. What you have instead is a football stadium of chatter and images and video happening at light speed filled with 70,000 squirrels who were directly injected with quadruple espressos.

“Re-tweeting” inaccurate news?

cell phone idiots - Social Media = Common Core


Wow – nothing worse than weather bloggers updating every six-hour “weather model” that came out during that last bogus “hurricane” Hermine.

While it was “potentially” a problem – it NEVER became a problem.

So, 1000’s of weather bloggers posted “Scary” graphics which depicted weather models and their destructive (potential) impact – AND MILLIONS OF “FOLLOWERS” propagated that information into oblivion.

Basically – the entire country (via this “virus” (oh sorry, I mean “viral”) means of communique), truly BELIEVED some “Sandy-like” storm was headed our way.

Wow. Just fucking Wow. (i.e., the meme I hate the most). Thank God they didn’t re-tweet that Godzilla crashing into NYC was imminent. That would have been catastrophic. And some people think that Misinformation today is no problem. Ha, frickin’ Ha!

Social media was 100% to blame for the “frenzy” that took place during the (non-event) Hermine.

Sure you can blame the flawed “robotic brain models” all you want. But anyone that spreads that info incessantly (and all those that just “believe it” because they see it on their stupid fucking smartphone screen) should be blamed for NOT PUTTING ONE OUNCE OF COMMON SENSE INTO THEIR ACTIONS.

“Sharing” shit is the same as sharing actual shit. If I gave you all a plate of dog feces right on your lap of your freshly pressed linen pants – you’d be pissed.

Maybe that’s the same mentality you should have of all those dopes “sharing” shit with you each and every day of your meaningless lives.

Anyway, I’ll say it again. Social Media = Common Core. Both equally stupid.

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