Facebook / Social Media Update

I’m gonna ask everyone once again – to take a long, hard look at what this “social media” has become in your life.

But first – a little bit of a “rewind / rant.”

We almost NEVER log in or attend ANY of the social media sites. On purpose.

Why? Because we want to preserve our brains. And have free thoughts more in tune with how things used to progress – as well as our immediate physical surroundings.

Counter-point – yeah, life may appear faster in the social media realm – and it might even motivate you in the perfect circumstance, or even “educate you” in ways you may believe. But in the end – it’s time-draining and psychologically damaging. And unnatural.

social media personality disorder - Facebook / Social Media Update

Infection rate of social media

I don’t know the official statistics – or whether the official statistics are even accurate, but what is it – like 70% of adults in America participate in (some form) of social media daily?

That’s sickening.

We saw a video (perhaps not a good sampling), that asked where people “got their news.” A good majority said “social media.” Other (just as bad) sources were “TV news” and some even said newspapers. WTF?

Like I said – we rarely enter into that arena. But the other day – I had to check it out for a few minutes to do some “research.”

Again – we’ve said this before. Facebook (and the like) have created HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF FREE “BLOGGERS” for the PERSONAL ENRICHMENT of douchebags like Mark Zuckerberg.

Give him credit, though. He figured out a way to ADDICT voluntary “slave laborers” for his personal fortune (he has big security walls around his many homes – and he’s anti-Trump, FYI).

But as I already mentioned above, since we rarely enter into that horrid social media zone, it astonishes me each time I do. It feels wrong. I ask myself why are so many people doing this?

Why does it concern me? Because I see some outrageously prolific “social media updaters” as you’d call them (or cogs in a dystopian machine). But to us (as veteran bloggers), they are BLOGGING for free. I told you all this already in the past. You are all FREE BLOGGERS.

Shit, it would be truly amazing if every Facebook user just said “Fuck You” to that tracking network and all started their own websites. Or just went back to email at the very least – or even phone calls and physical written letters.

Yeah, that wouldn’t be as “integrated” as the “walled garden” fakebook is – and it also requires some study and patience, which none of you have anymore, (because you’re too busy taking 100 photos in search of the perfect selfie?) But owning your own online property is worth it – over being a “monetary unit” to some liberal propeller-heads.

(end of “rewind / rant.”)

Psychological addictions are easy and misunderstood

Sadly, though – 99% of the population cannot identify the psychological fix they have. Nor they ever will. Not today at least, and definitely not en masse.

This “thing” called Facebook is just “there” for them. They don’t even care who owns it. It’s just a “thing.” They do it. Their family does it. Their friends do it. And so on…. To not do it in 2016 is to be an outcast.

And shamefully, they are also essentially a “thing” as well. It’s called a money-producing, brainwashed “lemming” that the science professor loves to observe and analyze. They just don’t realize how monetized each person’s activity is.

Maybe one day in the future, humanity will get back to normal.

But what would it take?

living without social media - Facebook / Social Media Update

Try living without it first (social media)

One great test for you (and the rest of your friends – and humanity as a whole), would be to “test” yourself. Take a week, or better yet take a month away from the “social media timeline.”

The constant swiping. The incessant need to “check” what has updated in the 12 minutes since you last checked.

The need to take “selfies” to raise the hand of people competing for attention.

Shut it off. Turn your phone off or leave it home entirely. Have a Tech Code of Conduct.

What will happen?

Here’s what to expect and what may happen:

  • You will feel empty. Your phone in your hand was such a crutch. Analyze your feelings. Don’t be afraid.
  • You will not know what to do with that time once occupied by that crutch. You will probably feel anxious as well. But DO NOT GO BACK!
  • It will be on your mind for many days, if not many weeks. The weaker of the bunch will compensate in some psychologically weak manner. Do not be one of them. Stay strong.
  • People might ask you (if you happen to actually have a phsyical conversation), “what happened to you? I don’t see you online anymore!” Share with them your plight.
  • After those days or weeks pass by (like any addiction you break), you might find yourself more “in tune” with YOU. The lack of fake support and other shallow commentary. You might begin to feel “free.”
  • And if you make it past the withdrawal, and see what was truly missing (without that crap), you stand a good chance of eliminating it entirely. But if not, you will probably appreciate that it makes sense NOT to spend as much time as you used to. Worst case? You’ll be back to you fix like a crack whore in Newark.

Even if it is not anyone’s desire to ever “kick the habit,” I’m kind of shocked that not more people want to test themselves voluntarily. I’ve heard of some form of restriction during religious times like Lent, for instance, but rarely on their own.

What ever happened to self-experimentation and exploration?

social media behavioral disorders - Facebook / Social Media Update

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