Free Kayaking Days 2008

7/5/2008 reminder:

Don’t forget you can test your kayaking skills for free tomorrow starting at 10am up at Maxwell Place!


Last year, Hoboken was treated to multiple “free kayaking days” over near Sinatra Park.

This year, we start out with one over at Hoboken’s single beach near the Maxwell Place Cove Boathouse.


Free Kayaking Day – July 6th

“Please join the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse (HCCB) for our first Summer 2008 Family Kayaking Program at the Maxwell Place Park beach on July 6th from 10AM-1PM. This free kayaking program – normally held at Frank Sinatra Park – is moving locations this summer due to the ongoing construction of Pier C.

HCCB has sponsored free kayaking in Hoboken for the past five years, and we are excited to continue to offer our program in a new location this summer. Kayaking Days offer a unique opportunity for Hoboken residents and visitors to experience the city from the Hudson River.

Kayaking Days are free, open to all, and require no reservations. HCCB is currently supported by voluntary help and borrowed kayaks and equipment from the Downtown Boathouse in Manhattan. Trained kayakers will be hand to provide tips for new paddlers.

If you have any questions regarding the July 6th program date or HCCB, please visit or email

HCCB looks forward to seeing you out on the Hudson River this summer!

David Downs
Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse, Inc.”


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[quote comment=”91705″]Or maybe he hid them in his tummy.[/quote]

Good one. But for that, I suspect your organization will get fined for leaving so much as a leaflet up…….lol. Don’t offend Mr. Roberts & his cronies, lest the come after you seeking payback!


i personally took down 10 signs today that we posted to promote the kayaking day, including the ones we put on bulletin boards between 6th and 1st St. Many of those I posted 2-3 times since they were removed (illegally?) within 24 hours of the time i posted them.

perhaps those leaflet-monitor-ers should spend more time monitoring the $11 million in quarters that fell out of the trunk of the Mayor’s mercedes between city hall and mantoloking last fiscal year. Or maybe he hid them in his tummy.


[quote comment=”90002″]I’ve paddled out from Sinatra Park and never had a problem. Some advice: stay close to shore, out of the shipping lanes, and away from the Ferry Terminal to avoid any Homeland Security drama. The tidal currents can be very strong. Check your tidal tables or just allow yourself to drift and see which way the current is flowing. I’d strongly recommend going out against the current and coming back with. Otherwise, you’ll move out very quickly and have a heck of a time paddling back.[/quote]
Listen to this advice. There are a couple interesting trips to do, and their suitability depends on the tide. You can also launch under the GW Bridge on the Jersey side, paddle over to the NY side, down by the Intrepid, then back across to Sinatra park. I’ve done that one and it is a lot of fun.

The one I really want to do is paddle from Hoboken to and around the Statue of Liberty and back. Problem is that if you get the tides wrong you could end up in serious trouble and not able to make it back. Floating away in the Atlantic and not able to make it home would be really bad.

strand tramp
strand tramp

mr downs, can we all assume that you and your staff will now go all over town and remove all the bills you taped up on the street sign poles and lamp posts and telephone poles, in violation of city ordinances?


Thanks Hobo_Ken & thanks to all of our volunteers and those who stopped by to participate in the first FREE KAYAKING DAY of Summer 2008!

We had approx 200 paddlers show up for the event. As Hobo_Ken reported, our organization is concerned foremost with the safety of all participants. Due to yesterday’s tide cycle, the boats we borrowed from the Downtown Boathouse in Manhattan had to be returned starting at 1PM.

For future events, there are many ways to get involved if you are interested in paddling to/from Manhattan, guarding the cove, or just showing up to try kayaking for the first time. Please email me at and I will add you to our mailing list and keep you updated on the next program.

In terms of the Maxwell Place Park boathouse, we hope that the City of Hoboken can help expedite the final Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) that has been pending since December 2007. Without this approval, our organization cannot utilize the boathouse this summer, and this definitely limits our ability to offer more free programs. Please contact your city council member and ask them to help open the boathouse.

Thanks again Hoboken!

David Downs
Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse