Taking water for granted

Taking water for granted {do you?}

emergency water Hoboken apartments - Taking water for grantedWhether you live in a city like Hoboken that has a “public” water supply – or a rural setting (and your own “well,”) do you take your water for granted?

After reading that book 438 Days – it certainly made you think a little more about hydration.

Water is so important for life (I think you can live maybe three days – perhaps up to a week without), why do so many people have little invested in a backup plan?

In Hoboken, with probably 60,000 residents – water would become a top priority (just behind cell service, yoga pants, and cold-brewed-artisan coffee) if the supply became scarce.

How many of you have a water backup?

And we’re not talking just a case or two.

Maybe a week or two? Maybe a month or two? More if you have pets?

Sure – families with full homes (basements, etc.) can store a ton of water. But how much can a typical Hoboken apartment facilitate?

If you dedicate one average sized closet – you can easily get about 20 cases into any Hoboken apartment.

Right around 100 gallons.

taking water for granted Hoboken emergency apartment - Taking water for grantedThat’s about three months for one person. You can probably stretch that to six months using the bare minimum “8 glasses of water per day,” and minimal physical activity.
1.5 months for two people.
1 month for 2 + a dog.
Two weeks for 2 + 2 dogs.

See how that adds up? And we’re talking not much showering / cleaning up / cooking either!

Reduce the above numbers by 50% if you need to.

Emergency tools for water

What are some sensible emergency tools or techniques you can use?

  • Katadyn Silver Water Filters. Expensive – but good for up to 13,000 gallons of water.
  • Boiling – good as long as you have gas, electric and other limited heat sources (charcoal, propane, wood).
  • They also suggest filling a bathtub (remember some apartments only have standup showers!)
  • Propane stove / gas stove.

A minimum of 100 gallons per “mammal” is recommended for a halfway decent chance of having a buffer zone of survival regarding one of the most taken-for-granted sources of life.

Also – if you have a car – always treat 1/2 a tank as “empty.”

Just a friendly public service announcement from Hoboken411!

taking water for granted emergency Hoboken NJ - Taking water for granted

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