SCAPES – A Photo Exhibit by Sheila Phalon

SCAPES – A Photo Exhibit by Sheila Phalon {Cork Wines}

Starting tomorrow, September 1st and running through September 30th over at Cork Wines & Spirits (Washington St. between 14th & 15th) is “Scapes” – a photo exhibit by local artist Sheila Phalon.

“Wine and Art, a classic blend, emblematic of the exhibition” where veteran news photographer Sheila Phalon will host a formal reception with a wine tasting on Saturday, September 10th from 3PM to 5 PM, at Cork Wines and Spirits, 1450 Washington St., Hoboken NJ.

Phalon’s photos have been published in such magazines as Paris Match and Forbes, as well as hung in such challenging professional venues as The Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan.

Though long time Hobokenite, Phalon draws much of her work from the dozen years she spent in Japan and East Asia as a freelance photojournalist, shooting such news breaks as the lead up to the historic student outburst in China’s Tiananmen Square. The exhibition, called SCAPES, at Cork Wine and Spirits, however, is a transition, focusing on city, sea, and landscapes in Hoboken, Ireland, England, and New York.

scapes photo exhibit sheila phalon cork wines Hoboken NJ

scapes sheila phalon

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