Why do round numbers make a difference? {September 11, 2001 Anniversary}

This Sunday, September 11, 2016 – will mark the 15th Anniversary of the September 11, 2001 tragedy that struck America. Also called the “Quin-decennial” Anniversary.

This year will be more hyped than the 14th Anniversary – as well as the 16th Anniversary next year. Why? Because it’s the number Fifteen (15).

Why do people get hung up on “round numbers” so much?

NYC Skyline from Jersey City after September 11 2001 - SEPTEMBER 11 - 15 YEARS LATER

Sad day in American History – However, when do you move on?

Anyway, tragedies are shitty. I will not contest that. Everyone has them.

From personal tragedies to large “group” tragedies that happen every year (earthquakes, tsunamis, avalanches, volcanoes, hurricanes and more…)

However, large “group” tragedies always get more attention than personal tragedies (unless it involved a celebrity). It’s how society “ranks” things worth considering.

Also, probably because of media ratings, political opportunity, and sheer “scare factor” of the tragedy.

Not trying to be cold or downplay the shittiness of such a tragedy – but I (as well as others) wonder at what point does society just accept the fact that a tragedy happened – and just move forward?

WTC View from Barclay Street after September 11 2001 - SEPTEMBER 11 - 15 YEARS LATER

It will move on when opportunities no longer exist

My belief is that as long as someone can “capitalize” on any particular tragedy (9/11 in this case), they will keep doing it until it’s no longer feasible (euphemism for “not worth their time.”)

Politicians will pump this tragedy for as long as they can.

Charities will re-hash this tragedy until the money stops flowing in.

As far as the families involved – I do not know. If it were my family who had a lost loved one, I’d probably NOT want to “bump” the memories each year because some people in society feel the need to. I’d rather recollect on my own timetable. And most likely in private. But everyone is different – so your needs and experiences may vary.

Let’s just hope that none of these devastating things happen again. And especially NOT before election day. That would throw a major wrench into things.

September 11 Anniversary Hoboken NJ - SEPTEMBER 11 - 15 YEARS LATER

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Human beings have a tendency to remember the real tragedies in their lives.

You’re onto something about this one. It is sad that so many died (I knew a few), but the cause of it is the focus people should have. And the sadness should be replaced with anger, vigilance and perseverance. Not just on the anniversary, but every single day until justice is served.