What is wrong with stereotypes?

So what is wrong with stereotypes? {same as the reverse!}

stereotypes dumb blondes - What is wrong with stereotypes?You know how in today’s “PC” (politically correct) age – how almost all things that could even be slightly construed as “stereotypes” (i.e., “Freshmen,” “Men,” “Boys and Girls”) and so on – are attacked with vitriolic intensity?

Or how obvious double-standards exist in plain sight all the time?

Well – we were pondering this the other day with a nice, vintage glass of cheap red wine – and tried seeing how green the grass is on the other side.

Is stereotyping as bad as everyone is making it out to be? Or just a human characteristic that will never (and should never) go away?

Do the words change anything whatsoever?

Scenario #1: Calling an ethnic or religious group by some sort of “nasty” stereotypical name. Say it’s based on, uh, statistics and other verifiable anecdotal evidence.

Sure not every person in that group turns out to be bad as you thought. Not yet at least.

So the “SJW’s” out there CRY: “What an injustice! Not ALL (insert group name here) are bad! Why stereotype?!”

But a shit-show unfolds eventually – backing up your evidence. Then what? Go back to being tolerant?

Scenario #2: Now, as a result of years of growing public outcry against calling (the falsely “wronged”) group any kind of nasty names, it’s now SOCIALLY TABOO to use those names that have been used for centuries. You have to use a EUPHEMISM for what you used to call that group. All under the threat of “political correctness,” and the ensuing public “backlash” you will risk receiving.

So instead of calling that group (insert funny, or nasty name here), you have to call them something else like “those people with different origins and culture than me!”

What happens? Instead of treating those people with caution like you had in the past, you’re slowly conditioned into thinking they’re simply just a bit different. You give “everyone an equal chance at being “good.”

Result? You call things by a different name – but still somehow get “raped” nonetheless.

Conclusion: It probably doesn’t matter what words you use

No matter what you call a degenerate group of people (even if you have evidence,) they will still fuck you up nonetheless. So what difference is it what kind of “language” we choose to use when referring to those groups?

Is it better to use the more accurate name (with the risk of being wrong some of the time), or the “PC” name (and the risk of getting raped, robbed and wrecked due to false expectations?)

In other words – why is society automatically giving whatever “minorities” the benefit of the doubt? Why can’t a real discussion be held rather than just crumbling like a cheap suit?

Just look what is happening in other parts of the world regarding this so-called “tolerance.”

I’ll tell you this much – I believe they’re “billing” it as tolerance, but there is a much more sinister act taking place – for the benefit of a few – at the detriment of millions.

Different angles to ponder

Alternate angle #1: What about when those crying about stereotypes use phrases like “equality” or “rape culture” towards men?

Alternate angle #2: Are phrases like “negro” and “dyke” and “white privilege” one and the same (respectively?)

Alternate angle #3: Is it better to “protect” yourself via stereotype and be proven wrong (as someone may “earn” your trust)? Or be “open” and “accepting” to all – only to get blindsided by your “trust?”

Alternate angle #4: I can bet that 100% of the population has indeed LAUGHED OUT LOUD at many jokes that utilize stereotypes as well. Are they “anti-comedy?”

What is wrong with stereotypes - What is wrong with stereotypes?

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