Total voting booths out there?

No one knows the total voting booths number… why not?

Seeing that we’re focusing a bit on voting fraud and election accuracy this year – I thought it would be easy to bring up a tally (or at least reasonable estimate) of the exact number of operational voting booths that are in use today – and will be for the 2016 Presidential “election.”

electronic voting machine fraud - Total voting booths out there?And maybe a breakdown of voting booth type (old fashioned, electronic, computerized) as well as the manufacturer (Diebold, etc.), and of course by state, etc.

A few different internet searches turned up with not much. One led me to Quora (one version of an external brain), which also concluded it was hard to determine. And that sucks.

Why? Because I am curious about the magnitude of managing them. If there are (for arguments sake) 100,000 individual “machines” out there on election day – that would mean that for someone to “rig” the election, they’d probably have to either tamper with all 100,000 of them ahead of time – or at least pick the ones in the most influential districts with the largest potential voter base.

Also – what is to prevent them from “adding” voting booths that never existed at the polling locations? To “boost” whatever tally they need to? Probably one of the reasons why this info is not readily available.

Seems like daunting endeavor with too many loose ends. However, where there is a (desperate) will, there is a (desperate) way.

So what about centralized tampering?

The next logical step to figuring out how someone would manipulate voting tallies – would be to “simplify” or centralize the tampering. That would mean where they collect all the booths after the polls close. Usually at some either district or county location.

That would minimize the points of contact where the fraud would take place.

Then an “intermediary” would apply the tampering “bug” or code to each machine as the pull the results from it, and leaves no “trace” of what took place.

Also a scenario with probably too many loose ends (if they knew what treason they were about to commit.)

I see dead people voting - Total voting booths out there?

Has to be in the code?

Probably the only way to really tamper with the results with as few “actors” as possible – is to tamper with the internal code from a completely central point. Behind the scenes.

I honestly don’t know the exact mechanisms behind all the different voting methods – but I assume there is some kind of basic way they’re “calibrated,” and whatever technicians are instructed to do so – probably don’t know the proprietary way that happens. They just follow instructions.

Publicly auditable?

voting fraud - Total voting booths out there?I’ve said this before – 99% of the lemmings out there simply trust the results. Hardly anyone wonders what the schematics are behind this robotic tallying process. And that’s a shame.

I’ve also said that the voting machines should NOT be “secret.” Each booth needs a fucking scoreboard on top like at the basketball game. When you cast your vote – it’s like a bucket for your candidate of choice – and it should be publicly visible for all observing the election (or “game.”) At least you’ll have some comfort knowing the vote you cast augmented the score.

And the other fraudulent ways…

The voting machines are only one way to “steal” or rig an election.

They have others like lack of Voter ID – as well as VBM or Vote By Mail (absentee ballots), and “I see dead people” voting.

In the end – it’s like anything the gov’t touches. Complicated and filled with red tape and loopholes of all sorts. Impossible to manage – and at the very least, impossible to verify.

If there is fraudulent activity – it would be nice to finally bust that racket – including everyone involved (from the top down, not just “fall guys,” scapegoats, or patsies that usually take the brunt of the charges.)

Will the truth ever be revealed?

total voting booths to tamper with - Total voting booths out there?

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Friday, August 26, 2016 10:56 pm

They can’t keep track of voting booths, yet they have a detailed database of license plates, drivers licenses and social security numbers. See how they purposely don’t care about things that will hold them accountable?

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