Labor Day 2016

Labor Day 2016 {what about Mexico, China, etc.?}

In America, Labor Day 2016 is no different than all the previous Labor Day weekends. You typically see the same type of stuff published (other than stories about unique weather events like Hurricane Hermine…)

“Things to do…” or “Labor Day Sales” or “Great Labor Day recipes!” or even some historical Labor Day references… But those are boiler-plate and played out entirely. A dime a dozen.

Hardly anyone thinks about this long weekend and the extra day off beyond what is in it for them (or how to sell something).

slave labor day 2016 - Labor Day 2016

Labor Day was stupid to begin with

For one, so it was essentially those stupid “unions” again, bitching about working and sugar-coating this “recognition” for work into a paid holiday.

So, we pay you a wage in exchange for your “work” (which you agreed to do), and that is not good enough?

These things always start small – give an inch – and over decades they end up taking miles. Look at how unions are destroying their “hosts” across the country. From union labor down in Atlantic City to fat bloated police and fire pensions that lead to painful quarterly property tax bills right here in Hoboken.

Globalism and outsourcing

I wonder how a company like Apple treats “Labor Day.” Do they force companies like Foxconn (who employ about the same number of “slaves” as the populations of Hudson & Essex Counties in NJ combined) a mandatory day off? Do they even give a crap?

Or what about the many car manufacturers who have plants in Mexico? Do they ensure those (non-American) workers are given a break?

Isn’t it kind of insulting considering what has happened since it was first introduced 122 years ago? Especially considering the record number of people receiving “handouts” for not even an OUNCE of Labor?

With tens of millions unemployed, and all the “labor” outsourced to other countries (leading to the slippery slope the USA is now on), perhaps this “holiday” should be suspended until America is once again great.

foxconn slave labor - Labor Day 2016

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