Double Parker Super-Highway


Forgot about this picture I took around Memorial Day in Hoboken…

It seems as if most of the Police Department was also off, as the usual double-parker alley on Washington between 6th and 7th was jammed with an entire extra row of cars. I think that broke the all-time record in town!


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[quote comment=”91208″]fine, i won’t deflate your tires since it’s a crime. i’ll just block you from pulling away until the police arrive and you get a ticket. 🙂 that would also be satisfaction.[/quote]

at which point you’d be “obstructing traffic” and deserving of a summons yourself 😈


[quote comment=”91220″]What law would they be breaking deflating a tire?[/quote]

Criminal mischief and vandalism come to mind.


[quote comment=”91141″][quote comment=”91034″]Why are you such a double parking defender? [/quote]

It’s part of urban living, take a trip into NY, when I walk up the block to get my lunch (10th ave bet 57 and 58th) in the city there are cars double parked on both sides of the street…its a normal way of life…[/quote]

Just like people getting held up at gun point last night. I guess it’s OK just because “it’s part of urban life.”


brady, ca’mon, you really think that there are that many people going into Benny’s at once?! you honestly think they should park their car in a space?! how ridiculously inefficient is that – you’re in there for NO MORE THAN 5 minutes (which is being very conservative because it’s quite possible to literally only be in a place for 1 minute picking up take-out).

i just think that people who can’t make a distinction between the assh*le, i’m-in-my-own-world double parkers, and the “practical” double-parkers just trying to run in somewhere and do basic life tasks are not thinking very clearly.

hoboken hammer
hoboken hammer

What law would they be breaking deflating a tire?