Banning ALL gambling

Banning ALL gambling {how would it benefit society?}

slot-machine-banning-all-gamblingWe’ve talked about “gambling” a bit here. Most recently the No Casinos post – and at other times about the NJ Lottery. But the more we think about it – we wonder if there would there be a profound benefit to society by banning ALL gambling entirely.

“Organized” gambling in particular.

If you happened to watch that No Casinos video we shared, it’s hard to defend the gambling culture.

There are a small handful of “big winners,” while at the same time only a very few benefactors of the gambling culture: The House. (as well as the state and other privileged individuals…)

The house always wins

I think it was Steve Wynn who said something like:

“The only way to win in a casino – is to own one.”

(Probably every bankster and politican has said something similar to their line of work as well…)

If “the house” is always the winner (at the expense of the majority of “players,”) then how can that racket continue? Because of the infinitesimal chance that you’ll encounter a windfall?

The number of people decimated by this rigged system is staggering.

The amount of financial ruin these gambling meccas create is undeniable.

But they continue…

Corruption, greed, fantasy

casino-slot-machinesThe cycle is endless. The ebb and flow of “for” and “against” seems to be perpetual.

And at some point in time (almost always), someone “gives in” to the fantasy one way or another.

Either they believe the promises of economic gold or they get bought out and follow the script. The pomp and circumstance that follows almost always sucks in enough dreamers to fund the racket long enough to make (at least) a few people filthy rich.

Is banning gambling realistic?

They say everyone has the freedom to choose. Some people are smart and KNOW that the gambling endeavor is a rocky road. Despite the off-chance that you might get lucky once, or even several times. On a longer timeline, it’s without a doubt a losing proposition.

The state-sanctioned lotteries apparently bring in a lot of money. “Hidden Taxes” is more like it.

While some folks do win “fuck-you money,” as a result of hitting a jackpot (often hundreds of millions to one odds), I’d be surprised if the number of big winners since the lottery began was more than 1,000 (in the state of NJ at least). Out of 15,000,000 people. Look at the list of Megamillions or Powerball winners each year. Maybe 10 winners each year? NUTS!

But what would happen to the world (or country at least) if ALL gambling was prohibited? State lotteries. Sports betting. Poker rooms. Casinos.

What would be the actual outcome?

Would the economy improve without reckless games of chance?

atlantic-city-shootingI don’t know what the actual numbers are – but I’d suspect on a national level – it has to be in the trillions.

Trillions of dollars “re-directed” elsewhere.

What if that money STAYED in the pockets of those unfortunate enough to have been “bitten” by the gambling bug?

  • Would there be fewer foreclosures?
  • Less divorce?
  • Less crime and drug addiction? Homelessness? Poverty?

Would the money saved actually HELP all 50 states that have this “hidden tax” in the form of added sales tax revenue and less “handouts?”

How to enforce?

Another thing that concerns me with this thought – is how do you prevent underground gambling movements from forming?

gambling-addictionSame thing happened when they tried to ban booze during prohibition.

Taking away a human vice – especially after it’s been around for so long – is a dicey endeavor to partake in. You can bet that other forms of gambling would flourish if that happened. No way to stop it.

And what about “free will?” Just because gambling is there – doesn’t mean you have to participate, right? (You just need to examine human weaknesses like addiction to find your answers…)

But how much is sucked out of the local economy?

Let’s take The Borgata as a single example.

I recall them profiting (after overhead) about $1 million per day. $365 million per year.

Factor in about a 75% return to gamblers overall – that is around a BILLION dollars sucked out of the other businesses in the state. And that is just ONE casino. Add in the other (soon to be six) casinos left – figure about four or five BILLION dollars overall taken away from local shops, landlords and more.


How can you reverse or eliminate this financially destructive temptation?

Better off just nipping it in the bud

With thousands of casinos, tons of state-sponsored lotteries, and online sports-betting and other gambling like poker – the degeneration of society is clear. As is the answer.

We, as a society, need to rid ourselves of these unlikely fantasies. It’s like the odds of “mayor” don Zimmer wishing to be married to Brad Pitt. Not gonna happen.

But the addiction isn’t just on the gambling (fantasy) side – it’s also on the revenue (political greed) side as well. Most of these gambling measures were passed with “envelopes under the table” for many politicians who may never be caught. Same with state lotteries. They found a way to generate hundreds of millions of dollars without raising taxes, without angering constituents, all in the name of “better education,” (which now sucks to the (common core) of humanity).

I would applaud any “powerful” politician who fought full time to just CUT ALL OF THEM OUT of our society.

I think we’d all be better of without this toxic vice.


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