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No Casinos {and lottery, and wagering, and…}

With the news of the fifth casino in NJ (out of 12), the Taj Mahal closing down in Atlantic City, we took a look at a lot of different articles and videos regarding the history of gambling and so on.

We were particularly interested in what they’re dealing with down in Florida – as it seems “lobbyists” and “politicians” are keeping “the bet” alive (to host the largest casino on planet Earth down in Miami…)

A group called filmed this documentary back in 2014 called Pushing Luck.

It does not include the “latest” developments on the Jersey Shore – but it focuses in on how, despite the “promises,” Atlantic City (and most other gambling cities) are MUCH WORSE OFF since the casinos took root. Cultural decline. Ruined lives, etc.

Watch the documentary (about half an hour). Worth your time.

But the KEY takeaways are:
– Politics SUCKS
– Lobbyists SUCK
– Gambling is TOXIC
– Humans are WEAK

(Also worth pondering is the massive proliferation of “legal” state gambling (the euphemism is “lottery.”) Peas in the same pod with different benefactors).

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