Shaka Bowl {Hawaiian Health Food}

Shaka Bowl {trying their luck in Hoboken}

Set to open up later this month at 720 Monroe Street is Shaka Bowl.

shaka bowl hoboken acai poke - Shaka Bowl {Hawaiian Health Food}

This new eatery is trying to fill the much-desired niche of Hawaiian food, such as Acai Bowls, Poke Bowls, and other seafood, vegetable and grain based meals. This movement is what they say “trending” in healthy circles.

owner of shaka bowl hoboken NJ - Shaka Bowl {Hawaiian Health Food}Ironically, on top of the healthy items – sugary snacks and beverages called energy jars in chocolatey flavors as well. As long as they attach some healthy-sounding meme to them, I guess it’ll be okay.

Sure raw fruits and veggies are always better than processed sweets – but you gotta watch your carbs no matter what form they’re in! (moderation is key…)

They also plan to offer various Hawaiian java-based drinks, and you can bet they’ll have pineapple somewhere on the menu.

The Owners plan to open up in mid-September, after going gaga for the food they binged on while attending college in Hawaii. Whether that will fly here remains to be seen.

Here’s their pitch:

Our names are Kiersten and Krista and we are the founders of Shaka Bowl! When we studied “abroad” on the Big Island of Hawaii, we didn’t realize that our whole life perspective would be forever altered. We absolutely fell in love with the culture, the people, the life, and the food! We decided that we couldn’t just let the Hawaiians keep all the good stuff, so we decided to bring it home to share with us mainland folk so that everyone can try a taste of the good life! Thank you so much for stopping by our page and for being a part of our journey!

I’d have some concerns about the long-term viability of such a “niche” eatery like this – regardless of their polish and presentation.

shaka bowl Hoboken menu - Shaka Bowl {Hawaiian Health Food}720 Monroe is on the west side of town – not the bustling PATH-like areas that seem to offer a bigger customer base (despite the hipster mentality that’s growing in Hoboken).

A unique ethnic eatery would have much more success in a super-dense city like NYC. About the only “off the beaten path” ethnic place that is a slam dunk in Hoboken as of late is the bubble-tea places – because they have a strong demographic of repeat customers (i.e., Asians).

However, they do have the whole “loving,” “feel-good” marketing mantra flowing at full force – which does have a decent track record this decade of coercing a chunk of the population under the spell. And don’t forget the gluten-free and organic labels either!

And who knows – with new developments all over the area – maybe the customer base + healthy + happy times will ensure their success (oh, and price probably will play a role too).

Either way – you can’t knock ’em for trying! Good luck to Shaka Bowl!

Description: Hawaiian-based healthy food and beverages.
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
Phone: (201) 381-1647 – (201) 981 0725
Hours: Open 7 days a week from 7am to 9pm (10pm on weekends)

shaka bowl Hoboken NJ 720 Monroe Street Hawaiian - Shaka Bowl {Hawaiian Health Food}

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