Breaking the law

Breaking the law {it is inevitable}

How screwed up is it that you – just living an ordinary, peace-loving life – probably break some kind of “law” each and every fucking day of your life? NOT breaking the law is next to impossible in 2016! WHAT THE FUCK!

By far, the most common “law” most people “break” is the bogus “speed limit” law that is “in force” across the country.

That arbitrary limit decreed by politicians coast to coast was by DESIGN. They all know full and well it’s bullshit – yet they keep claiming going slower is better for humanity.

Even if no other person from “humanity” is around. Like an open highway in the middle of the night.

Did you exceed their decreed limit? They can “lawfully” remove money and possessions of yours. Theft, actually – but I’ll continue…

You ought to do some research about these asinine “control mechanisms” that the inept “powers that be” have implemented over the past century or so.

A few seconds of observation and research would even leave a complete moron in dismay – because it’s not for your safety! Or for the “environment.” It’s ENTIRELY for the financial benefit of these hidden fee collectors.

breaking the law

Breaking the law – when it’s safe

Stop signs in the middle of a desert or country road when you’re CERTAIN no one is coming? RUN IT.

In Hoboken? 9 million stop signs? NEVER run them. It’s just plain stupid – and a colossal waste of time, money, and energy (if you get caught, or worse, run one of the heads-down nincompoops over).

Texting while driving? 99.999% of the people get away with successfully breaking that law. But they are moronically increasing the chances that they will fuck their lives (or someone else’s life) up.

In other words – use common sense.

Over-reaching laws

But what bugs me the most are those over-reaching laws (such as in regards to children).

I’ve read that some parents were arrested (and possibly had their kids taken away from them) for letting them walk by themselves.

And all the other laws that are clearly in direct violation of your constitutional rights (like the right to say what you please, or have the ability to protect yourself).

Why and how has this country of “free” people allowed such a travesty to take place? And for so long?

What would it take to reverse this God-awful trend?

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