Switching to Linux?

Switching to Linux? {Or at least dual-boot?}

After reading about Bill Gates’ insane wealth – I finally decided to take a few moments to consider switching to a Linux-based operating system. I know, not really relevant these days –

(Geek-like talk ahead. If anyone can chime in – please do)

I downloaded an ISO file of an open-source product called Linux Mint.

It ran entirely off of a DVD. Seemed to work okay. Internet speed, even on a clunky DVD-run system was incredibly fast, though.

We have pretty much zero Linux knowledge – and will probably have to invest a chunk of time into understanding it to our satisfaction.

linux software alternatives to Windows - Switching to Linux?But does anyone use Linux in Hoboken?

Other than a few programs (Adobe comes to mind), most people could probably get away with using Linux most of the time. Hence, why I mentioned “dual boot.”

But using a dual-boot computer might end up being a pain in the ass?

Say 90% of your work can be accomplished in the Linux environment – doesn’t it suck to have to “re-boot” just to use the Windows part of your work-flow?

Do they make some kind of “windowed” application that allows you to enter the actual Windows OS environment for a moment to use those applications when necessary – thus avoiding the need for an entire reboot?

If anyone can offer advice – I’d appreciate it!

switching from Windows to Linux - Switching to Linux?

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Did I say VMWare? I meant Virtualbox but I guess VMWare would work as well.


Don’t dual boot. Install VMWare and run the other OS in a VM – just like Mac users do with Parallels. If you already have Windows then just install Linux as a guest and activate seamless windowing mode, or put it full screen and forget you have Windows (until you want to run some windows only app or game). Other way round works as well but might require some Linux know-how.