Cassie the Staffy needs a home!


OK, so today is “two for Tuesday” animal posts.

Here’s another rescued dog that desperately needs a home:


Cassie: Perfect Little Lady

Cassie is a 2 1/2 year old English Staffordshire Terrier rescued from an area shelter and in foster now.

She really is a perfect little lady. Sweet, submissive, quiet and well behaved, she gets along with everyone including children and other dogs. I never place terriers with cats or toy breads out of an abundance of caution but Cassie is living with 5 dogs her size and bigger without issues.

She is spayed, up to date on shots, HW- and house trained (though you should always expect a few accidents in a new environment until the dog figures things out). She is also very affectionate and petite, around 38 pounds.

Application, reference checks, adoption donation and home visit apply.

Please call or write for more information. This girl is a real beauty. Call Steve at 201-360-3817 or email

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[quote comment=”90845″]Pitbull lovers take note, 2 of these beasts ripped a old man apart on staten island today. Do you still think that these beasts are still nice gentle calm dogs.[/quote]

My brother has 2 half pit/half something else dogs from a shelter.

If he did not do the right thing, I don’t know how they would be, but they are good dogs now. What he did when he adopted them was to hire a dog trainer, to teach the dogs, and to teach him how to raise pit safely.

Like he should never play tug of war with them, it is dominance game, and he has to be the dominate one and not give them a chance to challenge it. We grew up playing tug with our half German Shepard.

Sadly many people that adopt pits at best have no clue on how to raise them, and at worse they want the dangerous dogs and do nothing to temper their behavior.


Pitbull lovers take note, 2 of these beasts ripped a old man apart on staten island today. Do you still think that these beasts are still nice gentle calm dogs.


staffies are great dogs, my in laws have always owned dogs of this breed 3 of which i have known, thay are friendly and very loyal….the english version is much smaller than its american cousin, i also like the english bull terrier

[quote comment=”90193″]I’m sure this is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, with papers and not a American Pit Bull Terrier. :roll:[/quote] Actually if you read the history of these dogs, American Pits are just bigger than Staffordshire terriers as they were brought here by the Irish & English in the 19th century and then bred to be bigger. So at 38 lbs, this is, unless seriously malnourished (which she doesn’t appear to be) a Staffie. — For all of you who are terrified of pits- Did you ever own a Pit or have a friend that did? Do you know anything about the dogs? I’m surprised so many of you have such and informed opinion. 🙄 BTW, I would not ever put a Pit or Pit-like dog in a family with cats, hence I can’t adopt this dog. But she seems lovely (I’ve seen her around town). I don’t have a problem with pits, rotties or sheppards, but if I didn’t raise it from the time it was a puppy, I’d not put it in a house with a toy dog, an infant or cats. My sister adopted an abused American Staffordshire terrier (pit bull) and he was great with any adult that she let into the house, but he hated her cats, small children & her rotti mix. It was just too much and she had to place him with a single dog family. She was heartbroken, but that dog had a fierce loyalty to her and if she hadn’t had… Read more »

THANK YOU, Katie Scarlet.