Justifying weakness

Justifying weakness has gone too far

A few weeks ago, we published a great guest post about “Fat Acceptance,” and how truly unhealthy people are glamorizing their obesity under the veil of “tolerance” or whatever bogus excuse they are using to hide their complete lack of effort.

And it seems that people all over the world now are stampeding (literally) towards this “easy out” for their blatant weakness(es).

Some fat chick named Sara Benincasa penned a piece recently about “Why am I so fucking fat” or whatever the title was. Lord.

fat chick sara benincasa lord help us all as society circles the drain

In the article, she peppered excuse after excuse (depression, stupid decisions, life got in the way, “I’m busy,” etc.) to justify her obvious weaknesses.

And what’s MUCH worse – was that EVERY SINGLE COMMENTER praised her.

No one told her the truth. That “Medium” website is a liberal haven (I may just have to opt out of trying to get the word out there…)

This is akin to the “participation trophy mentality” that afflicts every loser kid who plays competitive sports. Blame the parents!

They say the internet is good for bringing people together from around the world who share similar traits or problems. In this case, it’s terrible. To get patted on the back for what amounts to a major (unhealthy) flaw does no one any good.

Like praising a child molester and looking the other way as they continue to molest children. Bad. Very bad.

Only praise acknowledgment of weakness

Yes, all humans have flaws. There is no perfect person. In fact, the human society is FUBAR in my opinion. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that.

However, that doesn’t mean we need to “accept” the flaws and be okay with them continuing.

The only thing we should accept with an ounce of civility is if someone finally acknowledges their flaws.

If they choose to continue being flawed – they should accept being called an obese pig, or a disgusting sloth.

If they make the “big” decision to own up to their mistakes – educate themselves, and make progress towards improvement, sure – encouragement and praise can be handed out in small doses until they eradicate the problem.

But not until then.

sara benincasa could have been thin if she didn't bitch about her life

Accepting people and their flaws is a major flaw in itself.

To hide from obvious truths is a disservice to everyone who participates. Weaklings as well as “supporters.” Like rooting people on in a drug den as they inject their next shot of (insert stupid drug name here).

It’s mind-trickery, like playing a video game on the easiest setting. In your mind, you may have “won,” but in reality, it took little to no effort to achieve that faux “mental satisfaction.” Lame, in fact.

Our society is getting filled with more and more weak pansies by the day – and is bad for our country as a whole. Tolerating bad mistakes has it’s place. But not this universal acceptance that has invaded the collective minds of America (and beyond).

Man up to your weaknesses and defeat them. Accepting them is for losers.

And who wants to be a loser?

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correction in a few of the cases the Council member has absolutely been barred from participation.


Justifying weakness and rewarding failure is all to common in a bailout self-indulgent community/society. You only have to look at our Council members w multiple failures that in any corporate job would bar them from participation.