ICYMI – is that over-used?

ICYMI – (hate to break it to you, but you missed MOST!)

Here’s another stupid fucking trend… “In case you missed it…” or ICYMI.

Dopey drones all across social media are taking five characters of their valuable space to preface their supposedly “important” shit with “ICYMI” and some stupid fucking link of NO IMPORTANCE!

ICYMI is so stupid - ICYMI - is that over-used?

Out of the 100% you (think you) missed – 99.99% you will still miss!

The headline above indicates that nearly 100% of the time on planet earth, you will, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT, miss 99.99% of the things “going on.” That must feel shitty for the ICYMI addicts – to know that TAFMEE (They Absolutely Fucking Missed Everything Else).

So… why do people feel the need to ICYMI anyone whatsoever?

It’s also a derivation of the stupid “FOMO” (or “fear of missing out”) plague.


Instead of using that asinine ICYMI acronym, people should simply say:


Hey, 411 – you publish stuff you’re interested in too!

Sure sounds like hypocrisy. But it’s not.

The stuff we publish is carefully curated, mulled over and decided upon. It was not a simple one-second knee-jerk “retweet” with an acronym (like ICYMI) in front of it. It took thought and time to share our ideas.

And we share ideas not just to “spin the wheels” of social media (or earn “likes”) and the almost robotic assembly-line-like manner the nonsense that is “re-spewed” all over the interwebs with little to no thought.

We usually take the time to delve deeper into an issue that might be beneficial for society to contemplate longer than 140 characters.

Yes, it may be hard to differentiate between the two – but I assure you, there is a difference. At least to those that still possess brain matter between their ears.

Internet slogans and abbreviations – devolution?

One might argue that these new ways of communicating are just a “sign of the times,” and may be necessary (considering the limitations of certain social media sites like Twitter). But why are these so-called “modern tools” so limiting in terms of quality of conversation?

But what are the long-term effects of no longer using the English language properly? Or having solid conversations? Or studying subjects beyond headlines and emotions?

Have you seen the way kids write these days? Especially when they are not restricted by character limitations? They STILL write with acronyms!

We think it is destructive to the human brain. And even though we’ve used countless abbreviations ourselves (stuff like “WTF?” and “FYI,”) we’ve been trying hard to reverse the trend. But in some reserved instances, they just make more sense overall.

So it’s a fine line, and arguments can be made on either side of the equation. But take a few steps back and you’ll clearly see what direction this is headed – and will take appropriate steps.

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