BoE Meeting 6/24/2008


Here’s tonights tentative agenda. Will they pass out samples for the food service presentation?

Hoboken Board of Education Meeting

DATE: Tuesday, June 24, 2008
TIME: 6:00 p.m. Stated Session
LOCATION: Board Meeting Room, 1115 Clinton Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

Tentative Agenda

  1. Food Service Management Company Presentations.
  2. Collective Negotiations Agreement with the Hoboken Education Association.
  3. Policies: 1 st reading: Travel (Amended); Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (Amended); Title I Parental Involvement; 2nd reading: Annual Posting of RFQ’s.
  4. Approval of minutes.
  5. Utilization of facilities: outside agencies.
  6. Personnel: Appointments, including Supervisor of Special Services, Network Systems Administrator, ABA Instructional Aides, Coaches, Game Personnel, Co/ExtraCurricular Staff (Class/Club Advisors, NJASK8, HSPA, After School Aides, Summer Reading Intervention, Summer Literacy, Summer School, Family Friendly, other summer and after school programs)
  7. Personnel, including: Reappointment of Assistant to the Superintendent, Counsel, Assistant Business Administrator, Chief Information Officer, District-Wide Maintenance/ HVAC/ Communications Repairman, Non-tenured Certified Staff, Teacher/Disciplinarians, Part-time Clerks; Transfers of various staff; Non-union salary increments; Rescission of previous hiring resolution; Replacement of program staff.
  8. Training of ABA Instructional Aides; Other workshops, seminars, conferences, staff training.
  9. Special Education: Outside placement of students, related services; Joint Transportation Agreement for Extended School Year.
  10. Assignment of non-public teachers to Title I programs serving resident students at non-public schools.
  11. Athletic program: Summer Football Camp.
  12. 2008/2009 School District Calendar.
  13. Fiscal reports, school reports, fire drill reports, Board Committee reports, A148 and A149 financial reports, budget line transfers.
  14. Claims, regular and workers compensation, addition to professional service contracts.
  15. Award of Bid Contracts for 2008/2009.
  16. Award of Professional Services Contracts (RFQ’s) for 2008/2009.
  17. Acceptance of grant funds, including NCLB entitlement allocations.
  18. Field trips.
  19. Transmission of 2008/2009 School District Budget.
  20. CLOSED SESSION- Discussion of Negotiations; Principals/Administrators and Custodial/ Maintenance; negotiations and litigation regarding the previous superintendent’s contract.

Any matters relating to the above items that may come before the Board. Please be advised that the Board may be required to go into closed executive session during this meeting to discuss potential litigation and personnel items. Action may be taken on all agenda items.

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[quote comment=”91943″]Sanity – you can’t really expect anyone to honestly defend the indefensible, can you?[/quote]
I guess you’re right.

It’s pretty sad that these BoE discussions always end when the numbers come out.


[quote comment=”91943″]Sanity – you can’t really expect anyone to honestly defend the indefensible, can you?[/quote]
Well, I’d expect anybody trying to defend the district (especially someone claiming to 1. work for them and 2. benefit from an advanced degree and not just higher education) to at least give an excuse that withstands a 30 second scrutiny of the district’s own published numbers.

But, hey, I would also expect a district spending $25k a student to produce seniors with a SAT percentile rank higher than the teens.



By the way – I have to laugh at Hoboken_South’s “starvation” example. As an educator, she should be fully aware that all children that qualify for free lunch in the Hoboken school system also qualify for free breakfast. The US Government has been providing funding for breakfast for poor children for decades. And they do it specifically b/c kids that eat breakfast do better in school (and on tests). Another example of someone blowing smoke out their bung-hole…….


Sanity – you can’t really expect anyone to honestly defend the indefensible, can you?

Hrmmm…. Let’s review, shall we? You make this fantastic claim: [quote comment=”90882″]The reason it is $25,000 a student is because we have a smaller district now than years ago…All the yup yups are sending there kids elsewhere. You make some valid points but others are way off.[/quote] But it isn’t supported by the facts: [quote comment=”90888″] According to the BOE, there were 1863 students in 2006, 1865 students in 2007, and there will be an estimated 1907 students next semester. Yet, costs per pupil has jumped a few thousand dollars since 2006. How is your point not way off?[/quote] So then you try again: [quote comment=”91189″]The cost per pupil keeps on going up because of the rising cost of everything. Text books, Gas, Energy, Healthcare Benefits, Accident Insurance, and basic supplies.[/quote] Really? According to the New Jersey Department of Education Hoboken spent $14,564 per pupil in the 2004-2005 school year. This is going to jump to nearly $25,000 next year. Are you seriously telling me that inflation was approximately 72%? Hoboken South, you give all these plausible sounding explanations, but each one becomes ridiculous when you simply examine the numbers. What’s your answer now? Next point: [quote comment=”90882″]Again, . I do not think that teachers asking and receiving a decent wage to teach is out of control spending.[/quote] And when we add numbers: [quote comment=”90882″]And when you say “decent wage” do you mean something that is far above median for the county? What about far above median for the state?… Read more »