Postage stamp sized political park

Postage stamp sized (political) “park” in Hoboken

Below is the pathetic site of what was supposed to be the cornerstone of a beautiful six-acre park that “mayor” don Zimmer campaigned on back in 2006 and 2007. You can now call it a postage stamp sized “political park” instead.

This so-called “park” will amount to less than ONE acre and it’s costing Hoboken $10 million dollars.

Over in Jersey City, where a competent Mayor presides, they only had to spend $5.5 million to get 17 acres. SEVENTEEN acres. They craftily scooped up grants to cover the rest of the costs. Brilliant maneuvering.

Our “mayor by committee” promised the park in 2011, then it was supposed to be built in 2012 because she called it the “YEAR OF PARKS!” (remember that special taxpayer-funded memo and mailer?)

And then again in 2013 she said the park would be built, again in 2014, then spring 2015 it would be completed, then for sure it would be done by Fall 2015.

Then at the city council meeting this past spring, Zimmer cronies said it was possible to be done by Fall 2016.


Now it’s completion date is Summer 2017?

You can bet it won’t be done, but she’ll put out some defective solar trash cans and a sprinkler and have a ribbon cutting just in time for the election in November 2017.

Postage Stamp Park Hoboken NJ Southwest - Postage stamp sized political park

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