Keeping customers out of Hoboken

Hoboken doing their best to keep customers and visitors away!

So, earlier this week – after many weeks of easy parking along Observer Highway (after they paved the “safe space” for cyclists) – the city made both sides of the street resident only parking.

Less parking for customers and visitors – means less revenue for the restaurants and businesses here in town.

Of course, for a short while, the city will experience a mini-windfall as scores of unsuspecting people wanting to enjoy the city during the last few weeks of summer will get slammed with tickets. Then they’ll find more accommodating cities to spend their money.

Oh well.

no customers allowed or visitors allowed to park observer highway Hoboken NJ - Keeping customers out of Hoboken

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Monday, August 22, 2016 10:46 am

What’s the biggest issue in Hoboken? Parking. This website complains whenever spots are lost for residents. Now the same website complains when more spots are reserved for residents. Nice.

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