Yet another parking ticket racket

Yet another parking ticket racket in Hoboken – WTF?

Two parking tickets within minutes – on different streets!

One Hoboken resident took a vacation earlier this month – and most likely knew they’d have to pay a street sweeping ticket. However, when they came back they discovered they received TWO – on different streets!

“Received two street cleaning tickets on the same day, 3 minutes apart and on two different streets… Would love to hear how this one is possible!”

What nonsense. Either clerical error (which is possible) – or done on purpose because the HPU knows that most people find that it’s not worth it to fight tickets. So they double-rob you.

Such a racket.

clerical errors about at Hoboken Parking Utility - Yet another parking ticket racket

one ticket for the price of two in Hoboken NJ parking racket - Yet another parking ticket racket

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016 5:55 pm

Quite frankly, I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to not get parking tickets. I’ve lived in Hoboken for awhile now, and have managed to elude these ‘parking ninjas’ during that time. Why for some people is it such an issue? It makes me think of the upstanding citizens that get shot by the police when they decide that it’s a good idea to not do what an officer is asking you to do (whether right or wrong). Avoid police brutality by doing what they ask rather than running or fighting them. Avoid a parking ticket by following the parking rules – doesn’t seem too complicated.

Then again, who knows – maybe I have some sort of superpowers?

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