Certainly some of you have seen this “latest” Real Estate map/mashup that popped up recently:

While there are countless real estate sites to use, HotPads is a feature-packed site that lets you search for information in many different ways, including via a “heat map.”

You can search by population density, or even foreclosures!

If you bring up the map to Hoboken, you’ll see that perhaps we’re not as “immune” as New York City after all. While I’m sure it’s less than other suffering areas of the country, the Hudson County “Gold Coast” isn’t as shiny as you’d expect. On this particular site, Hoboken only listed 11 foreclosures when I checked, but Jersey City and other areas seemed worse off.

Give it a whirl if you haven’t already, and share your observations in the comment section.


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If someone is looking for property in BC Canada look for they have a similar even better system then hotpads in my opinion.


Not a real estate expert, but I got to tell you that site, just like are good places to start. They are usually outdated by at least a few days (until it’s able to ‘crwal’ and get the info) and rarely provide useful meaningful comparison.

That said though, is it me or have RENTS increased exponentially over the past year or so? A decent 1 BR is now around $1600 or so. Apparently, a lot of people are on the fence for buying hence they end up renting. Oh well.