Take a look inside…

Not a bad idea – to take a look inside yourself…

30 years ago, and up to about the past 3-5 years – I was always considered by friends and acquaintances to be “ahead of the curve.” The “go to” guy. Solid as a rock.

And by that, I mean knowing what the “important” trends were, and most typically “technology” in general. I was a “connector” and “influencer” all in one. Because I had passion and curiosity about things that were a bit “foreign” to most, that provided an advantage (and a curse).

look inside yourselfBut I felt a change coming (albeit slowly).

Sure, “social media” began shortly after Hoboken411 came to the blogosphere – but it hadn’t infused itself into the daily routines of the sheeple until relatively recently. I’d say the “beginning of the end” was in the neighborhood of 3-5 years, but more like the past 2-3 years. And especially TODAY. No doubt today is mind-blowing in terms of the “infection rate” it’s had on society.

Technology – social herding – Hive minds – treacherous waters

As the majority of financially-capable people in this country are “feeding the beast,” by populating these so-called “social media” sites with every last mundane detail of their lives – I become concerned for all of us (collectively). Why? Because there is only an incredible minority of people “speaking out” against this trend.

And what is that trend exactly? What is so wrong with “connecting” with people you ask?

Well – the most obvious thing is – that you have withdrawn your right to privacy.

That is a no-brainer. I don’t care if you’ve “never done anything wrong,” or not. There is now a complete database of your whereabouts, comings, and goings, as well as opinions about everything from feminine deodorant to political parties.

That, plus your PRIVATE FAMILY PHOTOS. They don’t just exist on your phone – but on a massive computer server farm somewhere (and most likely duplicated 100x elsewhere).

Stop using your phone as a camera. Today!

I’m flabbergasted by the widespread usage of (what boils down to a public device) like your cell phone as people’s PRIMARY CAMERA OF CHOICE.

say no to camera phonesI don’t care how many “megapixels” they are – or how “convenient” it may be – they STILL SUCK. Simple physics (small lens) still rules. They may appear nice – but upon just a few seconds of careful inspection – they PALE in comparison to a quality DSLR with real lenses. Sure, you can argue that they’re “good enough,” but not good enough to me – especially with the tentacles of publicity.

And the fact they’re on your phone – connected to the internet – makes them that much worse.

Some folks are INDEED waking up

It’s natural for humans to give things a whirl. Despite the war cries that they would be better off not – it’s human nature to “find out for themselves” whether something is worth it or not.

And much to my satisfaction, I am seeing people “wake up” to the fact that social media – especially in the long run – is most likely detrimental to the health of a human being.

People get so wrapped up in it – and it only seems to grow more troublesome as time goes on.

Eye to Eye, Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul

Now to the main point of this piece.

It is my sincere belief – that despite social media offering short-term (I mean very brief) moments of “satisfaction,” “happiness” or other “gleeful” moments in a person’s life – they are nothing next to real, organic, human equivalents.

It’s easy to toss compliments, accolades, or accepting responses on social media. In fact, I believe most of them are doled out disingenuously. But people don’t care. If it fits their emotional need at that moment – they don’t give a fuck.

But that will never EVER replace an honest interaction between two capable and competent adults. And don’t forget how everything is so “bite-sized” now, that attention-spans are nearly non-existent.

Are you getting my point yet?

My whole point here is that these easy mechanisms of human contact are destroying real human contact. Which includes all the “risks” you might avoid being distant via social media – but all of the benefits that come with not only learning – but thinking on your feet.

There has to be a way to “wake up” those who are now way too immersed in the digital world.

And if the internet really does get screwed up – that day may come sooner than later.

look inside the effects of social media on the mind

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