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Jefferson Lane Home {Bedding company born in Hoboken!}

If you haven’t heard of Jefferson Lane Home yet – now is the time to get up to speed.

jefferson Lane Home born in Hoboken NJ - Jefferson Lane HomeIt’s a bedding company started by Hoboken residents Anand and Dimple Talreja. Organic sheets to start – and much more planned in the future.

But first – a little side-note about “bedding” in general. We’ve opined about mattresses, car tires, and paper towels in the past (kind of a purposely confusing “racket” – and I’m sure the same is true for sheets, blankets, and other textiles.) The “truth” is deceptively hard to uncover.

So many “brand names,” and other buzzwords like “thread count” and other features that consumers tend to compare and rank without really knowing what it all means in the long run. 1000 thread-count sheets aren’t necessarily better because of a higher number. But you are not supposed to critically think, remember?

Jefferson Lane Home cuts many middle-men out of the picture

We spoke with owner Anand recently – and got a little inside information about the whole bed sheet industry.

Anand actually started the company because – despite buying what he felt were good bed sheets from “big box” stores, that something was missing. The quality.

Sheets would literally “disintegrate” after not much use. There has to be a better way, he thought.

Being of Indian decent – Anand knew people in the textile industry, and set forth to figure out a way to not only produce quality bedding at a fair price (by knocking out many “middle-men,”) but to also provide genuine organic products with no chemicals or other artificial “enhancements.”

Speaking of “middle-men,” Anand educated us that often times, there may be as many as EIGHT or more middle-men in between the cotton farms – and the end product. Those costly Donna Karan or Pom Pom sheets are so expensive because of that fact. Crazy not many people have gone through the lengths Anand did to find more efficient ways!

Find the source, verify, and produce

So Anand traveled back to India to spend time with the certified organic farms, as well as manufacturers of these sheets. His connections allowed him to streamline the process, lay out exact specifications, and produce organic sheets (that might cost well over $500 at high-end stores like Nordstrom), for a fraction of the price.

Thread count is misleading. Quality of construction matters more.

Back to the “thread count.” If you make “1000 thread count” sheets out of sub-standard material – you will get crappy sheets that don’t last.

The Jefferson Lane Home sheets may be “only” 300 thread count, but WOW – we tried them out last week – and we very happy with them. Extremely well made.

The quality of the fibers makes all the difference in the world – and will make you NEVER trust that a higher thread count means “better” ever again. Sure they might feel a bit smoother initially, but if you’re making an investment – longevity matters.

Why does organic cotton make a difference?

There are many reasons why you’d want to choose organic cotton over other options. Heck, you spend a third of your life on bed sheets, you should care!

For one, those “wrinkle-free” sheets? Forget about it. Who would care whether your bed sheets are wrinkled anyway? No beauty contests taking place in your bedroom, and they use FORMALDEHYDE in those sheets! Yuck!

Jefferson Lane Home sheets are chemical-free, contain no dyes, and don’t even come shipped in that toxic plastic pouch. They’ve done their best to eliminate as much of the toxicity as possible.

So what can I get from Jefferson Lane Home?

Since they only launched at the beginning of the month – they currently sell online only – and offer four different styles of sheets (in the basic sizes). White and Gray – in two different patterns each.

We ordered and received a set of King White sheets with gray hems. They look great (our dogs also loved them for some odd reason – ever after washing in eco-detergent). After five nights of use – we are IN LOVE with them! Below is the “unboxing” of our order, and how it looks on our King-Size bed:

Jefferson Lane Home organic bed sheets - Jefferson Lane Home

Anand and his wife have plans to offer other bedding options like quilts, blankets and throws in the near future.

FYI – like all other bedding, there is no stated “warranty,” however, they offer a 45-day money back satisfaction guarantee. I think that should suffice for most customers.

Bedding tips (previously unbeknownst to us!)

My whole life – I thought washing bed sheets was always best in hot water. You know, all the sweat, skin molecules and hair folicles – hot is better, right?

Apparently not, as Anand advised us.

For one, we realized that unless you’re BOILING your fabrics – it doesn’t really matter what other temperature it is.

And we learned that washing fabrics in COLD water enhances their lifespan – as hot water weakens the fabric. So keep that in mind when you do your next load of laundry.

Jefferson Lane Home – a winner (representing Hoboken!)

Overall – we love the idea of Jefferson Lane Home – enjoy their products, and are excited they originated out of Hoboken.

Glad they found a niche, filled a need, and wish them great success in the future. It was about time someone took the bedding cartel to task.

Read their official public relations release below for more information. We give them 10 thumbs up!


Online Bedding Retailer Promotes Sustainability and Earth Friendly Linens

jefferson lane home bedding hoboken NJ - Jefferson Lane Home

Jefferson Lane, a New Jersey-based online bedding and textiles retailer, announced the launch of its premium 100% organic cotton bedding collection sold exclusively online at . The company offers high-quality bedding manufactured responsibly and sold direct-to-consumers, eliminating hefty markups charged by traditional retailers. The new collection includes cotton sheet sets, duvet covers, and pillowcases, made from organic and fair trade cotton, sourced and woven in India.

Jefferson Lane, founded by Anand and Dimple Talreja, was inspired by their frustration with finding premium bedding at affordable prices. “We founded Jefferson Lane with a simple mission; to offer consumers high-quality organic bedding, at a fair price, while ensuring our products are crafted to the highest standards while minimizing impacts on the environment. Our goal is a brand that promotes a healthy lifestyle while raising the quality of life for the people actually making these products,” said Anand.

Produced from long-staple organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes, Jefferson Lane’s collection of sheets and bedding help maintain a safe and healthy environment for consumers and the farmers and factory workers behind our products. The benefits of organic bedding are plenty, starting with the farming process, where crops are free of pesticides and insecticides, to the factory which uses non-toxic dyes and processing agents. That means consumers get products that are hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals.

Jefferson Lane’s timeless designs feature sheet sets in classic hem and satin hem in two color options. The sets include a flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillowcases and are available in sizes ranging from Twin to California King. The sets range from $150 to $200. Pillowcases are available in standard size and range from $45 to $55. The collection also offers a pure white duvet cover in two sizes from $175 to $185.

To further the company’s commitment to giving back to the community, Jefferson Lane encourages consumers to donate their gently used bedding in exchange for a discount on their next purchase. For more information, visit Donate & Receive.

For more information or to shop now, visit

About Jefferson Lane:
Jefferson Lane is headquartered in Hoboken, New Jersey. Launched in 2016, the company offers premium organic bedding at accessible prices using a direct-to-consumer model that eliminates the middleman and unfair markups. Jefferson Lane offers a hassle free experience by offering free shipping and returns and a 45-night risk-free trial. For more information visit Jefferson Lane online at, Facebook or Instagram.

PS: What about “Made in the USA?”

I challenged Anand when I spoke with him – about how he would handle potential customers about the “USA” aspect of this product. How many people out there today INSIST on buying things “Made in America.”

His answer was eye-opening.

For one, Anand is Indian – and for him to want to stay true to his roots is admirable and understandable. He actually grew up near an organic cotton farm! But it wouldn’t carry much weight without…

Number two, because AMERICA is now so hard to “do business in,” the cost factors to customers also makes a difference. To make those exact sheets in the United States today would cost AT LEAST two or maybe three times as much. Who wins in that situation? No one. And this includes transportation cost from thousands of miles away! Maybe Donald Trump can fix that dilemma.

Jefferson Lane Organic Sheets Hoboken NJ - Jefferson Lane Home

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