Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans is the best supermarket. Period.

You know how people go on and on about places like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s? Well – one place puts them both to shame: Wegmans Food Market.

wegmans is the best supermarket in the worldAnd it’s 100% worth your effort to make them YOUR primary supermarket – despite the 45-minute drive from Hoboken each way. Figure out a way to incorporate it into your life.

You will not regret it.

For the past several years – we’ve made at least weekly trips to the Wegmans in Bridgewater, NJ. We’ve also tried the one in Woodbridge, but somehow enjoy the Bridgewater one better, despite being a longer drive by a few minutes. Better roads, and less cramped layout.

Top 20 Reasons why Wegmans should be your go-to supermarket

There are definitely more reasons than we’ll outline below – but these are some of the most important to us.

1. Incredible meat selections.
Fresh steaks, burgers, chicken, lamb, ribs, I could go on. And hands down the largest inventory of delicious and fairly priced ORGANIC meats. Out of this world.

2. Family Pack values.
If you plan smart – their “Family Packs” are “shopping club” values. Up to 50-60% less per unit price. For instance, this pack of bone-in Chicken Thighs was only 99 cents per pound. Breasts are only $1.88 per pound.

Wegman’s Food Markets the best-5

3. Salad green values.
You know those plastic boxes of salad greens? Their organic salad greens are a tremendous value. Spinach, Arugula, Mixed, etc. $2.99 for 5oz, and only $3.99 for 10oz (family pack). Usually at least 50% more at other supermarkets.

Can a store-brand be so good?

4. The Wegmans Brand.
Seriously, everything with the Wegmans brand name is not only significantly cheaper – but just as good, if not better than other “brand-name” products. One of my favorites is this Spicy Green Sriracha Sauce with Jalapeno & Cilantro. It’s uprooted the traditional red sriracha in our house. Awesome, and multi-functional.

Wegman’s Food Markets the best-11

5. Paper Towels.
The Wegmans brand paper towels. Almost as good as Bounty, but much cheaper. A “12=20” pack (726 sq. ft.) is only $12.99. Often down to $10.99 with coupon. They sell them by the pallet-load each week. See our post about the Paper Towel Madness for more info.

Wegman’s Food Markets the best-13

6. Amazing prepared food.
Wegmans has a wide array of prepared food. Both fully cooked, as well as ready-to-cook at home. Haven’t even tapped that potential yet.

Wegman’s Food Markets the best-2

Ah so!

7. Sushi
They have great sushi. Prepared fresh daily in-house, never had a problem.

8. The love of Cauliflower.
Have you ever had cauliflower rice sushi? Haven’t seen this anywhere else, but Wegmans has understandably embraced the low-carb cauliflower phenomenon. The Cauliflower Sushi is something you ought to try. You won’t miss the rice. 85% reduction in carbs. They also sell riced cauliflower in packs, but it’s kind of costly. Saves you a lot of trouble, though.

Wegman’s Food Markets the best-1

9. Hot Food Bar.
If you want to make a day of it – their hot food bar is also amazing. A whole selection of stuff. Mexican, fried treats, salad, soups and much more. There is an eating area upstairs that lets you view the action down below. And if you want, there is also coffee, breakfast sandwiches, pizza parlor and subway-style sandwich shop.

10. Fresh seafood.
The fish counter is also top notch.

Embracing healthy trends

11. Organic choices galore.
If you’re an all-around organic person – there is practically nothing you cannot find at Wegmans. Fresh produce, meats, dairy, frozen, all over the store. You need organic? You’ll find success. And if they don’t have your preferred brand – a simple request at the service desk and 90% chance they’ll start carrying it.

12. Gluten-Free represents.
If you’re celiac, gluten intolerant, or just like gluten-free – they also have you covered there. Beyond the best representation out of any supermarket chain. And at the most competitive prices.

Wegman’s Food Markets the best-10

13. Incredible bread selection and bakery.
We can’t speak personally about these products, but upon inspection, observation, and rate of sales – these are also a good reason to shop there.

14. All-Star Catering.
Over the years, when we had family events – the catering wherever we chose to go – was “hit or miss.” But you would be blown away at the variety of catering options you have at Wegmans. And the professionalism and execution are flawless.

Last call for alcohol!

15. Alcohol.
Wegmans also has a fantastic selection of beer, wine, and liquor. At the same or better pricing than even dedicated liquor stores. One stop shopping.

16. Mediterranean Bar.
They have an olive / Mediterranean bar that is bigger than most Hoboken apartments. I’m not a fan of olives – but they responded to their customer’s wishes – and expanded it recently. I always see people filling up their containers. So it must be a big hit.

Wegman’s Food Markets the best-7

17. Pet food.
The Wegmans brand grain-free dry dog food is a hit with our pooches, as well as the Grandma’s biscuits.

Wegman’s Food Markets the best-12

18. Cheese lover?
Man, they have a crazy amount of choices when it comes to all kinds of cheeses. These photos don’t do it justice. Including 21 different organic cheese varieties in stock.

Not product-related…

19. Happy Employees.
Wegmans was not only voted best supermarket many years in a row – but also one of the best places to work. Turnover is minimal, and the employees always seem fairly happy, helpful and content. That rubs off on the customers.

20. No annoying “apps.”
While Wegmans does have a downloadable app to aid in shopping, they do NOT have those stupid “digital coupons” which can be loaded on your card (like ShopRite). Not yet at least. In fact, their “shopping card” rarely saves you much money (because their prices are low to begin with). But it does help to have an account, as you’ll often save on alcohol. But we prefer the straight-up approach that doesn’t “exclude” too many people who don’t have the time to fiddle with loading coupons.

Without adding additional points – Wegmans is much more fairly priced than others (Whole Foods in particular). While we do still shop at Whole Foods (they have the ABSOLUTE BEST “ancient grain” burger buns in the world – exclusively), the overall cost is at least 10% to 20% less at Wegmans. Also – I think Trader Joe’s has sub-standard packaging, which influences us as well. Shoddy packaging is unacceptable.


Other than what we’ve listed above – something about shopping at Wegmans is pleasing. You always have a satisfying experience. The store is well laid-out and maintained. Clean, orderly and overwhelmingly positive. Winning!

► Best to travel off-peak to minimize drive time. Early in the week, mid-day is ideal. Otherwise, leave Hoboken after the evening rush (8pm or so). Keep in mind alcohol sales stop at 10pm (store open till midnight seven days a week). Or just do it on the weekend. Whether you have a parking spot or not may play a role.

► If you don’t have a car (and use Zip Car), early in the week is also ideal – lower rates and less traffic.

► If there are long lines – but one of the express lines are free, use them. They never refuse any customer, regardless if you have a lot more than “10 items.”

► Trip too much “hassle” to go weekly? Formulate group errands. They have a Home Depot in the same plaza, and the Bridgewater Mall is nearby. (By the way, Bridgewater Mall isn’t so bad – up there with Short Hills Mall, IMO.)

Is there something you DON’T like about Wegmans?

This is not a paid promotion for Wegmans. Just sharing the love.

However, despite the love-story above – not everything last thing about Wegmans is perfect. Always room for improvement.

1. Not a fan of their roast beef. Even ShopRite’s “Black Bear” roast beef is better. But that is why we typically buy local roast beef at either Fiore’s or Biancamano’s.

2. The pharmacy-type stuff is a bit weak (first aid, vitamins), but I’m struggling to find things sub-standard with their store.

3. I wish there was one closer. I know that the supermarket “mafia” and brand allegiances people have may play a role in where supermarkets open, but cmon! There has to be some way to get them closer. Surely no space in Hoboken would work – but what about Jersey City or Edgewater or North Bergen?

Give Wegmans a shot soon!

I think the “magical trip time” most people can be content with is 20-25 minutes. Anything longer appears to be a chore to everyone. And that may be why most of you would choose convenience over the profound other benefits you’d realize. It’s a shame, however.

Because there are trips that are worth it. And going to Wegmans is one of them.

Why not check it out to see for yourself? Maybe I’m full of shit?

I doubt it.


Wegman’s the best supermarket ever

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The Professor
The Professor

When complaining about our selections in Hoboken, I forget how well worth the trip this place is. Haven’t seen the cauliflower sushi yet, but this gives us many reasons to head out there again soon.