Hoboken Week in Review – 6/22/2008


How’s everyone enjoying their first “summer” weekend?


Here are the Top 10 new, bumped or re-treaded postings this week that had the most diverse and hottest overall discussion in Hoboken!

Hottest topics of the week

  1. The braces are off
    After getting “ravaged” by fire earlier in the year, McSwiggan’s bar had the scaffolding removed as construction progresses.
  2. Our flawed election process gets challenged once again
    The recent Hudson County Freeholder Race is disputed by at least one candidate. Do you think fraud exists in our county?
  3. Parking meter investigation
    Feds come in and seize records, as some believe there was trickery and thievery with the Hoboken Parking Utility…
  4. Nip and Tuck
    One of the big debates in town these days are the parks and how developers want to minimize them for greedy reasons.
  5. Local celebrities
    Lots of people have something to say about our unique batch of fruitcakes.
  6. Pedal to the pavement
    Hoboken considers creating “bike lanes” for safety reasons.
  7. For every person, there are up to 20 cuticles (depending on if you’ve lost a digit or two)
    Lo behold, another nail salon/spa will be taking the place of the doomed Fowad cheapo clothing store.
  8. Half a BILLION dollars
    Early stages of the NJ Transit Redevelopment plan begin.
  9. Will never be a dive bar again
    Construction continues at the old Kelly’s bar site. Tapas and fancy wine are expected to make area residents very giddy.
  10. Speaking of wine…
    One Hoboken411 reader suspects that with the economic issues plaguing us, some area restaurants are cheating customers.


This week

Lots of Summer events you can see listed on the calender on the bottom of the left sidebar. Let me know if I’m missing any good ones!
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