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One “wearable” I’ll wear – The Withings Watch

Years ago, we reviewed one of the first “wearable” tech device – The FitBit.

Initially, we were “wowed” by it, and bought into the hype.

Since then, the whole ridiculous nature of “wearable technology” literally wore on us – and we suggested to kick it all to the curb.

However, we have a change of heart. Just a little.

withings watch good wearable technology

Discovered the Withings Watch Activité

The Withings Watch is the perfect wearable “tracker.”


Because it does not inspire constant checking and monitoring.

The Withings watch only tracks the following: Sleep and Steps.

And it also has a vibrating alarm if you so choose to activate that feature.

The display is “analog,” meaning there are no “custom messages” or other stupid time-wasting shit. It tells the time and gives you a general idea of what percentage of your own self-imposed steps goal is per day.

Then, at your own leisure, you can sync it with your tablet or phone to accrue the tracked data.

Used in conjunction with the Withings WiFi scale, it will keep a log of your activity, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, and sleep.

Frankly – this is the ideal method. Because it achieves the primary goals, without making it something you need or want to check constantly.

I often go a week or so before syncing, and it works great.

The “app” is far from ideal but it does the job: Which is compiling the data for you to view at some point later on in the week or month.

If you’re looking for a not-too-geeky but still functional “wearable tracker,” the Withings watch is your clear choice.

Best of all, I believe it to be the most accurate of all the stupid units I’ve tested in my time.

Give it a shot!

(We even installed a pair of BandLiners from a Hoboken inventor to make the watch fit better too).

bandliners on withings watch

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