How to right the ship?

Society – how to right the ship this time?

We’ve either written about – or published guest posts about the woes our society is enduring a lot so far in 2016. Regardless of what a publication is “supposed to be” or not, major societal issues tend to trump local farm markets and fruity events, that’s for sure.

Without a doubt, there is a major “rift” in our society here in America today. Whether by design, special interests (most likely) or some odd “shift” in humanity (highly unlikely), it matters not. What matters is that “we have a situation on our hands here” now and for the foreseeable future.

So what to do about it?

Well – the first step is to take half an hour out of your precious day – and watch a few videos (and ones like these). You’ll walk away 75x times more informed that after a year of mainstream news for sure!

How do you go about “fixing” society? Or “righting the ship?”

In my honest opinion (and based on historical readings), there is NO documented way of “fixing” a societal woe – that DOES NOT involve insanely large-scale death and destruction. Look in your (non-edited) history books.

If we were able to achieve a large-scale change in perception in society – and soon – it would be a first.

No one believes anyone else anymore

A country fractured. That’s all I can say.

This current generation just does not care to wipe the entertainment “residue” off their eyelids to see what is happening right before they’re very eyes.

We’ve promoted some very straightforward videos as of late – that would surely irritate those “manufactured” by the handlers of society – but that is to be expected.

But what is preventing those (insanely nuts by-products of a perverted society) from actually having half a brain for half a second?

Are those “on the other side” so well-protected from the truth that there is NO WAY you’ll ever have a chance to show them they were blatantly wrong?

What do you do in that situation? Wait until shit hits the fan and they’re at your doorstep meekly asking for help and admitting they were wrong?

how to right the ship - How to right the ship?

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