Diversity – be careful

Diversity {be careful what you wish for!}

Below is an incredible video that pretty much lays out exactly why “diversity is NOT strength.” You should subscribe to their channel, too.

You may be the most liberal, pro-integration person on the planet. But if so – you really need to watch this – at least a few times. Maybe then it might ring some truth to you. But I have little faith in people who need safe spaces. They’ll refuse to…

The key passage from this video:

“Cultural diversity can enrich the larger society, but only if the numbers are such that they don’t allow for the formation of parallel societies. Or such that they THREATEN the host culture with DEMOGRAPHIC TAKEOVER….”

You really ought to let that simmer in your brain as you watch a good chunk of the “civilized” world begin to crumble at the seams. This is one sensible starting point for you all. In fact, you might actually help humanity if you right the awkward ship you’re sailing on at the moment…

If this is “triggering” or you cannot bear to hear the truth, that’s fine too. You will come back to this eventually. It’s inevitable.

Bookmark this link just in case. You also might want to download the youtube video to a memory card just in case the internet is mysteriously “out” for a long period of time. You need some material, right?

be careful with diversity - Diversity - be careful

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016 11:13 pm

Thank you for propagating this. I tell my friends all the time that it’s sickening that real countries are being destroyed via this gross influx of unsustainable additions to our societies. They do not get it. It starts small, seemingly innocent and helpful, but before you know it they bite the hand that feeds them. And one day you wake up in a country that is nothing that you remember.Like that snake story Trump read tonight. Be careful what you allow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 9:40 pm

Anyone who works for Corporate America gets it beaten into him regularly that Diversity is The Most Important Thing Ever. But I think this is mostly intended to ward off race hustlers/shake down artists spoiling for a boycott, and litigious marginally-performing employees.

But yeah it’s getting depressing that The Megaphone keeps blaring anti-empirical PC platitudes and the masses just lap it up, and even parrot it, without giving it any thought. They’ve heard it so many times that it has indeed become “truth.”

Unfortunately demography is destiny, a real truth our betters are careful not to discuss.

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