Enough with the tattoos, “ladies!”

Seriously ladies – why poison your body with shitty tattoos?

To make this more understandable: “OMG – WTF is up with your StuFu Tattoos, bitches?”

tattoos are not appealing - Enough with the tattoos, "ladies!"No joke. I believe I’ve mentioned this before – but I become even more astonished each week that passes by. The number of (otherwise good-looking, and possibly normal) girls, ladies, women, whatever you want to call them – who have peppered their bodies with gross tattoos (or “ink” as they might call it) is mind-numbing.

How did this happen? What kind of lemmings exist these days? How easily malleable are human beings? Especially to partake in something that is practically irreversible?

Or does it specifically have to do with a poor upbringing – as this research study The Psychology of Tattoo Acquisition concludes?

The fact that someone’s “identity” now has to be permanently transcribed on their body is disturbing. And in my observations – it’s done without regret most of the time.

Despite the fact that supposedly some war victims were forced to be tattooed with some kind of “ID,” people don’t seem to care.

I’m sure “marketing” had a lot to do with it, too. Not just billboards, but “street level” marketing, as well as other subtle societal clues. I haven’t checked, but if there is an official “tattoo organization” out there – I can also bet they had some inroads into the subversion as well. All for money – as is most if not all other major trends out there in 2016.

But why tattoos?

I come across thousands of images each month. I also personally witness thousands of real-life human beings each month. And it’s getting much more rare to see a “pure” person anymore. Both male and female. Someone not “marked down” like a stale loaf of bread a week after expiration with “sale” and “reduction” stickers peppered all over it.

But beyond whatever psychological reasons we linked to above, what I cannot understand is how (and when) defacing your body became okay – from a mass-consumerist standpoint. The “act” is no longer taboo.

It used to be “reserved” for the absolute “fringe” of society. Those who entirely rejected mainstream, and “went their own way.” Now? It’s absolutely mainstream, and all those people are essentially going “the same way!!” Don’t you see that? Now you’re original when you DON’T have any tattoos.

How come parents of those same children allow this to happen? (Same goes for all these (under 18) kids I see trolling around with their parents – who have dyed hair and other “rebellious” and ugly “body adjustments.”) My kids would never EVER be allowed to fuck themselves up under my watch. Once they moved out – they can do what the fuck they want. Just don’t ask for my help after that!

Yeah, I do understand that kids have to “find their own way,” but this isn’t it. They are NOT finding their own way. They’re adopting SOMEONE ELSE’S WAY. Period. I dare you to present a logical counter-point.

If getting marred by ugly ink is what some kids think they “need” to do to be “accepted” by their peers – I have one simple piece of advice. FIND NEW PEERS LICKETY SPLIT.

People shouldn’t be evaluated or judged by dumb markings on their skin. It’s stupid and short-lived. How many times can you tell the dopey story about the “meaning” behind whatever moronic “design” you chose to be permanently inscribed on your skin?

Is it possible that it encourages someone to “bounce around” so they can tell many “new” people about their boring story? Or is that why people keep getting more tattoos until they run out of skin?

While only 14% of the population has at least one tattoo – nearly 40% of all people aged 18 to 40 have one! Almost every other person! (Crazy demographic to go up against, I guess.)

tattoo statistics 2016 - Enough with the tattoos, "ladies!"

Fuck that shit.

Seriously people. Anyone tossing this idea around for the first time – please take some time to think about it. It’s not cool. Even though you think it is. And the current state of society says it’s okay – It’s NOT cool. It’s stupid.

And it never will cool be either, despite what others lead you to believe. Those telling you that are lying. People only care about the attention they receive. They don’t care about you or the dumb ink on your skin.

Have some dignity, please! Preserve your body – the way it was when you emerged from the womb. Be proud of what you got. If you’re hell-bent on “fitting in,” just tell everyone you got an “invisible tattoo” that only you can see. And tell them to fuck off and to drown in their own misery and fake identity.

And go do something meaningful in your life other than narcissistic self-mutilation. You’ll thank yourself (and me) at some point in the future.

Now go enjoy YOU. The pure you!

God bless!

tattoos are not attractive - Enough with the tattoos, "ladies!"

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The thinking goes like this:

1) a tattoo will make me sexy
2) a tattoo is permanent
Ergo: a tattoo will make me permanently sexy. Tee hee.


it’s just setting up the next multi-billion dollar industry: removing the blue/black mess that this crap becomes after 30 or 40 years. Maybe we need to elect into the world of Soylent Green, so none of these folks have to look at their 45 year old selves. . . it’d save us a bucket-load on health care costs too!